Original Deck

Hey my name is Jimmy Thompson and I need help with my rain dance deck it is called "Typhoon".

Pokemon: 18
2 Blastoise
3 Sqirtle
3 magikarp
2 Gyrados
2 dewgong
3 seel
2 lapras
1 articuno

Energy: 29
29 Water Energy

Trainers: 13
2 oaks
3 bills

Please try to help and please post my deck so I can see what you recommend.
thanx for your time
-Jimmy Thompson [thompsons@compuage.com ]

Deck Fix

   Well...first of all your missing 8 of your 13 trainers ;) That could be a small problem. Also, the deck focus is on rain dance, but you have so many evolutions it probably won't work right... You either need to strengthen your evolution lines rather than having them scattered about like that, or take one of them out. I'll end up taking one out, since that will leave more room for other needed cards :).

   All right, first off you need 1 more squirtle and 2 more blastoise. Add in a wartortle as well, and you'll have blastoise out ASAP (with the addition of pokemon breeder ;)) Gyrados is a bit better than dewgong, but magikarp is really weak and a weakness to scyther with virtually every deck containing scyther is definately a bad thing. Weakness to buzz (dewgong) isn't spectacular, but better than the scyther weakness, so the pokemon end up pretty close. I'll go with dewgong since you'll run into less weakness trouble and less quick kills against magikarp. So get rid of the karps and gyrados. Now add seels and dewgongs until you get 4 of each, that'll make you get them easier, and more of them, over the course of the game. Add in 3 articuno and a lapras and you have plenty of basics to keep going, and they're pretty strong as well. However, Lapras is actually relatively weak. Lots of energy for little damage...hmmm, it's best to take them out. So in place of the 3 Lapras, add in 3 Cleffas. They'll help you shuffle evolutions you need back in when you don't want to oak, and still give you 7 cards. Plus, when you'll be doing lots of damage each turn a couple turns from then, losing 1 pokemon really won't hurt you enormously, compared with the trouble it can save. So now your pokemon are set...

   This seems to be the number one problem with 'toise decks. Way too much energy. Cut this down by 10 and you'll have a much better number to work with...and you'll be able to add in some more trainers :) NGR will help get them back as you need them, and as you oak/eeek more you'll get the energy as you need it still.

   4 oaks is a must. This will help with speed. Now take out the bills (wasting space when you'll need much more deck manipulation than just a couple extra cards, and add in 4 pokemon traders...one of the most under-rated cards in the game. :) In a blastoise deck you usually won't attack on the first turn, so having 1 Computer Error will give your opponent a few cards, but help you out enormously, so we'll add in one of them. Also add 4 Professor Utsugi since they let you shuffle your hand in (evolutions), helping you get away from discarding your blastoise. Now 4 Pokemon breeder is also essential. With this setup you really won't need to use NGR since there's so many ways to shuffle evos back in, so you should be all set :) have fun with your new deck...

Final Deck

Pokemon: 24
4 Blastoise
4 Squirtle
1 Wartortle
4 Dewgong
4 Seel
3 Cleffa
4 Articuno

Energy: 19
19 Water Energy

Trainers: 17
4 Professor Oak
4 Pokemon Trader
4 Professor Utsugi
4 Pokemon Breeder
1 Computer Error

Good luck with the deck!