This is my grass deck. The main focus is on Kogaís Beedrill. Scyther is
in for a good basic and Kogaís wheezing is just good! Here it is:

Pokemon: 16
2 kogas beedrill
3 kogas kakuna
3 kogas weedle
4 scyther
2 kogas koffing
2 kogas wheezing

4 bill
4 energy removal
2 pokemon trader
1 rocket sneak attack
3 pluspower
1 computer search
4 gust of wind
1 koga
1 professor oak

20 grass energy
3 double colorless energy


I only use 1 oak since I end up decking out too much.  Also, the plus
powers help out with scythers low damage!




The first thing you need is to add more basic pokemon because youíre only using nine pokemon and four of them have a low HP. You should use more professor Oak with a couple of nightly garbage run to avoid decking. Finally I think that youíre using way too much energy especially for pokemon that donít require a lot of energy to attack.


I donít like the idea of running two evolution lines and I believe that the TR Oddish will help you more than the Koffin and Weesing, because they can poison turn one.


Pokemon: (18)

4x Kogaís Weedle

3x Kogaís Kakune

3x Kogaís Beedrill

4x Syther

3x Oddish (TR)

1x Chansey


The Challenge! Will help you set up early and the extra computer search to find you Kakuna ASAP. I donít like the idea of not having any item finder because is a great card and almost every deck should use three of them. The super energy removal is there to slow down your opponent, and the sprout tower to deal with Wigglytuff decks. 

Trainers: (23)

2x Bill

2x Challenge!

3x Professor Oak

2x Computer Search

3x Item Finder

3x Gust of wind

2x Pokemon Center

2x Energy Removal

2x Super Energy Removal

2x Sprout Tower




You were simply using too much energy.


Energy: (19)

3x Double colorless Energy

16x Grass Energy