, "IQ"!
I heard that you're a Moltres fan, and I just had to send you my current deck project, a Moltres Stall with many of the new Neo cards.


12 Pokémon:
3 Moltres
3 Magmar (oh, could it be Fossil?)
3 Chansey
3 Brock's Onix (100 HP, great for stalling)

27 Trainers:
4 Pokémon Center
1 Switch
3 Energy Flow
4 Scoop Up
2 Energy Retrieval
2 Super Energy Retrieval
2 Golden Berry
1 Good Manners
1 No Removal Gym
2 EcoGym
2 Professor Elm

21 Energy:
18 Fire Energy
3 Steel Energy

Well, the strategy is simply to use Wildfire as often as I can. And if I'm not able to do that (in other words, if Moltres is not in play) I attach Steel Energy to Brock's Onix and use Bellow to stall. When Moltres has discarded a few cards on the opponent's deck, I use Flow
and Center, heal all my Pokémon, use Energy Retrieval and NGR to get back Fire Energy, and start to use Wildfire again. It's really fun to play with this deck, Haymakers and Potpourris almost always run out of cards when they play against me.

Well, what do you think? Please fix the deck for me!
NOTE: I'll never put cards like Oak or Wrath in this deck, I'm supposed to draw almost no cards so my opponent gets decked before me!



I like the pokemon that you’re using, but you’re missing some of the greatest cards to stall in the NEO set. Clefa and Aipom are two pokemon that should be in every stall deck. I see the reason of not using professor oak, but I can’t understand why don’t you just use Erika. Most of your opponents will draw three cards and you can choose to not draw any or zero cards. A lot of stall decks use a lot of energy removals to slow down their opponents and to force them to draw more cards so that they can get more energy.


If you’re using a stall deck Scyther is almost required because it stops Hitmoncan and has 70 HP and a free retreat cost.


Pokemon: (14)

2x Moltres

3x Chansey

3x Magmar (F)

1x Aipom

1x Cleffa

2x Scyther

2x Brock’s Onix


Energy flow in a deck like this one is a bad idea, and switch is not that great. Sprout tower is there for Wiggly decks and Erika to help you draw that pokemon center when you need it.


Trainers: (26)

4x Pokemon Center

4x Scoop Up

3x Energy Removal

2x Super Energy Removal

3x NGR

2x Energy Retrieval

1x Super Energy Retrieval

2x Sprout Tower

3x Erika

2x Professor Elm



I don’t like the idea of steel energy because steel energy is not that great, but I left two in the deck because they work in theory.


Energy: (20)

18x Fire energy

2x Steel Energy