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Hi,I would like to have you look at this deck the goal is to attack hard and fast.

3 sneasel
1 lt surge electabuzz
2 base electabuzz
2 rocket voltorb
1 ltsurge voltorb(lv.15)
2 promo pikachu
1 base electrode
1 jungle electrode
2 jigglypuff
2 dodou
2 dodrio
3 energy removal
3 recycle
3 bill
3 pluspower
1 oak
1 misty's duel
2 switch
2 gust
3 dark energy
18 lightning


Hey there…Barfy Dog. This deck isn’t 60 cards unfortunately. You only have 58 in here, all decks must have exactly 60 cards to be legal. I think I will have a rules page up soon for submitting decks to me so I  won’t be fixing too many more illegal decks. But anyway…on to the deck!


It seems you have Lt. Surge’s Electabuzz but you didn’t say which one. I am going to assume you have the L28 one w/ 70HP. The whole Electrode line here doesn’t go too well, it really isn’t a very good card. So we’ll drop all of the line giving us 5 more cards to use, making 7 total free cards because the deck was 2 cards short. Jigglypuff doesn’t serve much of a purpose since his big brother, Wigglytuff, isn’t around. So dropping him gives us 9 free cards. We’ll take out Pikachu also because he doesn’t have much support with your cards, making 11 free cards now. Let’s focus more on the Dodrio line here and make it a 4-3, leaving us with 8 cards to use. Let’s up the Electabuzz count up to 3 a piece to cover lost Pokemon, leaving us with 5 cards. Since you have quite a bit of Fighting-weak Pokemon we’ll add in another Fighting-resistant Pokemon, Rocket’s Zapdos. Add in 2 of him, bring us up to 3 free cards.



First of all, let’s use our 3 free cards to get the Oak count up to 4 for extra drawing power to get out those basics faster. Since you are using a Dodrio deck which lowers the retreat cost of the Pokemon you don’t need to use Switch, so drop those 2. Recycle isn’t too good considering it is dependent on a coin flip, we’ll drop those 3 and put in Item Finder instead. Misty’s Duel also relies on a coin flip and is very risky and could severely hurt you, so drop that, that gives us 3 cards to use. ER/SERs can seriously hurt your Sneasel so we need a Stadium card to help that out, add in 3 EcoGym in order to get your Darkness Energy back if your opponent removes it. Since EcoGym works both ways there is no need for those 3 Energy Removals as your opponent would just get their Energy back, so drop those. Now we’ll add in Computer Search in order to get out those needed cards quicker, add 4. Now we need to drop 1 Energy.



You should always have your 4 Darkness Energy if you are playing with Sneasel, so add one there. Add in 2 Rainbow Energy to make sure you are able to get that Darkness Energy going. You might attack with Dodrio a bit, so add in 3 Double Colorless to help him load up quicker. Since your Pokemon mostly can recover Energy back from the discard pile, we’ll cut straight out of the Lightning Energy. That leaves us with 11 Lightning Energy after taking out those other cards.

Your deck should look like this:

Pokemon - 18
3 Sneasel
3 Lt. Surge’s Electabuzz (L28 w/ 70HP)
3 Electabuzz (Base)
4 Dodou
3 Dodrio

2 Rocket’s Zapdos

Trainers - 22
3 Bill
3 Plus Power
4 Oak
2 Gust Of Wind

3 Item Finder

3 EcoGym

4 Computer Search

Energy - 20
4 Darkness Energy

2 Rainbow Energy

3 Double Colorless Energy
11 Lightning Energy


Good luck with the new version!! J