hi my name is <censored>  i need help with my deck will you please help i
call it
hydro petal thanks.
13 grass
13 water
1 venusaur
1 ivysaur
1 bulbasaur
2 dark blastoise
2 dark wartortle
2 base set squirtle
1 dark gyrados
1 magikarp
1 scyther
1 bellosom
1 vileplume
2 gloom
2 rocket oddish
1 nightly garbage run
1 erikas kindness
1 sabrina's psychic control
1 sprout tower
2 full heal energy
2 sabrina's gaze
2 bill
2 berry
2 potion
1 ecogym
2 super rod
2 moo-moo milk
1 brock


Ok...this deck has a lot in it, but we'll fix it up. First of all this deck
isn't 60 cards. All decks must be exactly 60 cards to be legal. This deck
has 64, so we will have to drop 4 cards. Also you have too many 1's and 2's
of cards, that won't help you very much in a game so we'll take some of
those out and add more of others to increase your chance of seeing the cards
in play.

First of all let's drop the Vileplume/Bellossom line. Vileplume isn't too
great of a card due to coin flips, it being a Stage 2, and it becomes
confused. Bellossom can't do much either and isn't worth evolving into Stage
2. None of its pre-evolutions are worth keeping either so we'll drop all
that totalling 6 cards. Since the deck was 4 cards too many in the first
place, we are left with 2 cards to use. This deck looks like it focuses on
the Dark Blastoise line so let's add to that. Add 2 more Squirtle and 1 more
Dark Wartortle to that to increase the chance of getting them out sooner so
now you have a 4-3-2 line, making us 1 card over. Drop the Dark Gyarados
line...they aren't being supported either and isn't really worth a Stage 1.
Now there is 1 card to use. Since you already have a Stage 2 line, you
shouldn't try another...1 is plenty. That means we will drop the Venusaur
line giving us a total of 4 spots to work with. You need more basic Pokemon
so let's add 3 Scyther (good opening poke), 3 Rocket's Scyther (can stall a
little with Shadow until you get out Dk Blastoise), and 4 Ditto to help
against any surprises you may face. That'll give you 15 basics and we are
now short 6 cards.

You have a TON of healing cards in here, not all these are necessary for
your pokemon. Now that you have fairly decent HP pokemon you can probably
drop all these for 4 Gold Berries. They save a lot of HP and will take up a
lot less space. That would drop Berry, Potion, Moo-moo milk, Brock, and
Erika's Kindness (8 spots). Due to the 4 Gold Berries and the 6 cards we are
already short on, that means we are short 2 cards now. Just having 1
Sabrina's Psychic Control and 1 Sprout Tower doesn't do much for the deck
either especially with EcoGym in here, so we'll remove both of those. 1
Nightly Garbage Run isn't really needed since you don't have much draw power
anyway and you have healing to keep your pokemon alive, that gives us 1
spot. Oak offers better card drawing than Sabrina's Gaze and you don't need
Hand disruption in this deck so we'll drop the 2 Gaze and add 3 Professor
Oak. Let's drop the Super Rods and add in 3 Masterballs in its place to help
with get out your evolutions. Add in 2 more EcoGyms to handle those nasty
Energy Removals. We are now short 3 cards. Add 1 more Bill for more drawing
making us 4 cards short. On to the energy...

We need to add in some DCE for Ditto and the Scythers so let's add in 4. Add
in 1 more FHE (that can become very important on Ditto). We are now short 9
cards. Drop 2 Water and 7 Grass Energy. You don't need much Grass for this
deck and with the extra drawing power in the deck, you don't need as much

Here is what the final deck should look like:

Pokemon (20):
4 Squirtle (Base)
3 Dark Wartortle
2 Dark Blastoise
4 Scyther (Jungle)
3 Rocket's Scyther
4 Ditto

Trainers: (16):
4 Gold Berry
3 Professor Oak
3 Bill
3 Masterball
3 EcoGym

Energy (24):
11 Water Energy
6 Grass Energy
4 Double Colorless Energy
3 Full Heal Energy

Good luck with the new fix :)

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