Jason Vincent wrote:
> Hey Flare Its Evil-Vulpix here is my deck I really
> want it to be an Energy denial deck tho if you can its
> called Hydro Tackle I don't know what to drop for the
> E.R. and S.e.r please help thx
> Pokemon:16
> 2x Gyarados
> 3x Magicarp (Rocket's)
> 2x Dark Blastoise
> 3x Squirtle (Rocket's)
> 2x Chansey
> 4x Misty's Poliwag Lv.15
> energy:22
> 16x Water
> 2x F.H.E.
> 4x D.C.E.
> Trainers:22
> 2x Scoop
> 2x G.O.W.
> 2x Search
> 2x Breeder
> 4x Bill
> 2x N.G.R
> 2x Item Finder
> 2x Oak
> 2x Cerulean City Gym
> 2x Pokedex (i am gonna drop these)
> thx for your time        EviL-VuLpix
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Hi!!! Thanks for sending your deck to FlareonMaster's Lava Room!!!!!
anyway lets get to the deck shall we??

Pokemon: Ugh! If you want this deck to be energy denial you need pokemon
that get rid of energies!!!so lets see dragonair,and golduck get rid of
energys so lets keep in the golduck and blastoise to keep the energy on
him to do hyper beam.

4 Squirtle
2 Blastoise
2 Dark Blastoise
4 psyduck (fossil or rocket)                    19 pokemon
3 Golduck
4 Chansey (stall stall stall!)

Trainers: Okay energy denial trainers are ER and SER so both of those
are a must also we need pokemon breeder, bill or mary, oak and/or elm
for this deck so lets try this.

4 Bill (or mary)
3 Oak (or elm)
3 computer search               25 Trainers
4 Pokemon Breeder
3 night garbage run
4 ER

Energy: Thank you NEO!!!!!!!! This deck is just perfect for Recycle
energy! so lets throw 4 in and use those as your energy cost for SER

4 Recycle Energy
12 Water Energy

And there you have it stall with chansey till you get your house in
order and keep on er and ser ing till they run out of energy. if
anything bad starts to happen throw out Dark Blastoise and do the 70 for
4 waters.

Thanks for sending your deck to me!