> Hey Flareon,
>     This is a deck I built after my Wigglytuff had lost to a haymaker for the
> last time, it works quite well, but I constantly see new things that would
> help it, that I can't put in.  I'm wondering if you could make it less prone
> to energy loss.  Oh by the way, the title is after the Rolling Stones song on
> their Voodoo Lounge album if you weren't sure.
> Sparks Will Fly:
> Pokemon(11)
> 4 Electabuzz (Base)
> 4 Rockets Zapdos
> 3 Scyther
> Trainers(30)
> 4 Bill
> 4 Oak
> 2 Computer Search
> 3 Item Finder
> 3 Lass
> 4 Gust of Wind
> 3 Scoop Up
> 4 E. Removal
> 3 S. E. Removal
> Energy(19)
> 19 Lightning
> Strategy:  This is not a Haymaker!  I stand firm on that.  It does play like
> one, but it lacks that "everybodys weakness" factor, which defines a hay.
> The strategy here is simple, bring Electabuzz out first, as it is usually the
> fastest and best opener.  Then, play about 2 or 3 oaks and build a large army
> of basic smashers that are ready to kill.  At the same time, keep tabs on
> your opponents hand, and his strategy, then lock up his options by destroying
> the base of energy and trainers that he depends on.  Once you have control of
> the game, get the Buzzes out of the way, and sweep your darkened opponent
> with Zapdos, this should give you the core of your attack, leaving you with 1
> or 2 prizes.  In the lategame, bring out Electabuzz for cheap hits that
> should win it for you.  That's the adventure that makes up games with this
> deck.  Like I said, it works very well, but loses all it's energy by the
> lategame, making the last few knockouts a sticky business, hopefully, they
> have lost all of their trainers, and you can pull it off before they find
> them again.  I'd rather not take chances like that though, and I wish I could
> get things like Garbage Runs in here, but I can't think of what should go,
> everything is crucial to the strategy.  Maybe you can help, I like going to
> new Mechanics, as you guys actually answer me.
> Thanking you in advance...
> Tobers  AKA, Blastoise

Hi Blastoise! Trouble with haymakers huh? well this deck can really kill
the hitmonchan and other hay pokes. let see what we can add and subtract
shall we......

Pokemon: Hmmm Rockets zapdos and Electabuzz are great for this deck. But
11 is to low you need to have at least 12 so you wont mulligan as much
so lets add elekid for its playful punch

Pokemon: 12
4 Rockets Zapdos
3 Electabuzz (Base)
3 Scyther
2 Elekid (if you get paralyzed, sleep, confused. or "energy shy" (no
energy) use his power)

Trainers: Hmmmmm 4 bill and 4 oak? well if you have rockets zapdos you
must have golden nut in this deck as well. To counter the side effect of
electroburn. Also if you want to keep the energy coming back you need
the trainer Night Garbage Run as well....

Trainers: 33
4 Oak
3 Computer Search
3 Item Finder
4 ER
3 Scoop Up
4 Golden Nut
3 Gust Of Wind
3 Bellsprout Tower (for Wigglys and Clefables of course)
3 Night Garbage Run (You need this in almost every deck)

Energy: Whoa!!! 19 energy for these light energy pokemon?!?! you dont
need 19 lightnings. The thing you do need is some Recycle Energy and DCE
so lets try this.

Energy: 14

9 Lightning Energy
3 Dce (Double Colorless Energy)
2 Recycle Energy (Use for SER, Retreating, Even as energy)

And there you have it... Cut down on some energy and added golden nut
for electroburns downside but hey that golden nut is good with
electabuzz as well.. I hope this deck fix will help you against the
famous haymakers but you gotta watch out for Clefable... That's why i
added the sprout towers but you cant protect that gym while its their
turn sadly. Anyway thanks for sending your deck to me! CYA!