Dear Flareon,
           Thanks a lot for looking at my deck. I call it the strange
rain dance cuz it looks like a rain dance but
dosen't work like one. my main stratagy is to get a qiuck small basic
out and fighting. as they fight i power and
evolve. all the time i use trainers to disrupt and stall the guy. my
main problem are trainers like rocket's trap,
imposter oak, and imp oak's revenge. i lose my evolutions so i'm left
with an unevolved weak guy. i know i have
too many lines but i don't know what to put in. so heres my beck
                                           3 poliwag
                                           2 poliwhirl
                                           1 poliwraith
                                        2 magicarp rocket
                                           2 garados
                                        2 misty's poliwag
                                          1 m poliwhirl
                                          1 m ploiwraith
                                     3 squrtile base and rocket
                                           2 wortortile
                                           1 blastoise
                                         1 promo eevee
                                           1 vaporeon
                                           1 articuno
                                           1 m horsea
                                           1 m seadra
                                            1 lapras
                                             1 bill
                                             1 oak
                                          1 nrg search
                                          1 nrg removal
                                            1 switch
                                         1 super potion
                                         1 misty's tears
                                             1 gow
                                           1 defender
                                         1 rocket's trap
                                         1 sabrina's gaze
                                         1 blane's gamble
                                          1 nrg retreival
                                            21 w nrg
thank you so much!!! dan percival

Hi Dan!!!!!!! Good GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is a raindance?!?!?!
this deck needs a complete makeover. But dont worry ill turn this into a
killer raindance.

Pokemon: Okay....... Raindance will always need 4 Squirtle and 4
Blastoise so lets get him in there...Also articuno is the best basic for
raindance so we will add him as well. I also like wooper and quagsire
for cheap attacks so he will be added as well

4 Squirtle (Base or rocket)
4 Blastoise (Base)                          19 Pokemon
4 Articuno
4 Wooper (For the pesky Rockets zapdos.)
3 Quagsire (2 water for 30? cant beat that)

Trainers: Okay for the trainers.. 4 breeder is a must and so is 4 oaks
and maybe 2 elms and 2 bills to pull lots of water energys.

4 Pokemon Breeder
4 Oak
2 Elm
2 Bill
3 EcoGym (Very nice in a raindance deck IMO)        27 Trainers
3 Computer search
2 Item Finder
3 Night Garbage run
2 Super Energy Retrieval
2 Gust of Wind

Energy: Okay after all the pokemon and trainers you need a nice amount
of energy.

14 Water energy      

There you go! A good amount of pokemon trainers and energys.. Looks
better than 1 of some cards huh??? Anyway basic way to use raindance is
get blastoise out on turn 2 and raindance energy on to all your water
pokemon. Night Garbage and Super Energy Retrieval is used to get back
discarded waters so you can raindance them back and use articuno as the
main attacker with blastoise and Quagsire for back up....

Thanks for sending your deck to FlareonMaster's Lava House (I need a new
name for my garage x_X) Good luck with this deck too!!!!!!!! CYA!!!!!