> hi my name is Pete. I need help with my deck will you please
> look it over and make suggestions and/or changes? I call my deck
> hydro petal thanks.
> energy:
> 13 grass
> 13 water
> pokemon:
> 1 venusaur
> 1 ivysaur
> 1 bulbasaur
> 2 dark blastoise
> 2 dark wartortle
> 2 base set squirtle
> 1 dark gyrados
> 1 magikarp
> 1 scyther
> 1 bellosom
> 1 vileplume
> 2 gloom
> 2 rocket oddish
> trainers:
> 1 nightly garbage run
> 1 erikas kindness
> 1 sabrina's psychic control
> 1 sprout tower
> 2 full heal energy
> 2 sabrina's gaze
> 2 bill
> 2 berry
> 2 potion
> 1 ecogym
> 2 super rod
> 2 moo-moo milk
> 1 brock

 Hi Pete!! Thanks for sending your deck to me. Im always glad to help
other tcg players. So lets have a look see here.

Grass Pokemon: Well i see that you have too many stage 2's. In my
opinion 3 stage 2's are too many. So lets just keep at 1 stage 2 in this

4 oddish (Rocket) [Poison or sleep and its your choice!]
3 Gloom (Jungle) [Poison for one G is nice and foul odor is decent as
2 Vileplume (Jungle) [Pokemon power is great. Petal dance can do alot of
damage but for confusion]
2 Bellossom (NeoGenesis) [For one G and a flip you can heal 1 pokemon
instantly. Flower dance is okay but not                           really
4 Scyther (Jungle) [Yes Scyther! Always great in a grass deck Swords
Dance is great]

Water Pokemon: Water pokemon are your back up. With all the Fossil
Magmars and all the grass pokemon you have fire pokemon can threaten
this deck.

3 Lapras (Fossil) [With 80 hp and confuse ray this poke can fight for a
long time]
2 Ditto (Fossil) [Not a water pokemon but hey he is very helpful and

Okay now that we have your pokemon ready lets look over some trainers
you put in. One thing to do is not have 1 of any card in a deck.

4 Bill (Base) [Card advantage]
3 Professor Oak (Base) [Card advantage]
3 Sprout tower (NeoGenesis) [for the annoying wigglytuff]
3 Night Garbage Run (Rocket) [Putting back discarded energies and pokes
helps alot]
3 Miracle Berry (NeoGenesis) [For your gloom and vileplume. Cos you
don't wanna try to attack confused]
3 Gold Berry (Neo Genesis) [Removing 40 damage is very good this is an
A+ card]
2 Pokemon Traders (Base) [Search for that perfect pokemon that you need

Energy: Well you need a good amount of grass energy and water. The water
pokemon don't need much (3 Max.) so lets try this

3 Double Colorless Energy (base) [For ditto and scyther]
10 Grass energy [Little low but it if they get discarded you can Nightly
Garbage run them back into your                       deck.]
6 Water energy [the nice part about lapras is it isn't energy

So there you have it. You have the vileplume and bellossoms for healing
and attacking and also scyther. Lapras and ditto to go against fire
pokemon and others. Pokemon traders to get pokemon you want. Gold
berries for healing as well. and Garbage runs to pull back some discard
energies and pokemon. Thanks for sending your deck to me! i was glad to
help the "Hydro Petal" deck