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Misty's El Nino
Misty Theme Deck
January 3, 2001


Name: Marina Cary


mIRC nickname (if you have one): I don't know what the initials mean but my friends call me 'Pika-Marina'


Email Address: dollrulesthepokeplanet@mail.cary.cx


Skill Level: Intermediate (round of 8 in Del Amo West Coast Qualifier, Played in 11-14 @ WCSTS)


Speed Metagame in your area: Fast- Ultra Turbo.


Strategy of your deck: I start off with guaranteed status change guys to hold the fort until I get my heavy hitters out, then when they faint, I get the status guys out again. I guess you could say a combo of stall and beat down.


Deck Name: Misty's El Nino


Deck Listing (please include quantity of each card also)

 Misty's Tentacool (L16) x2
 Misty's Tentacool (L12) x2
 Misty's Tentacruel (L30)  x2
 Misty's Psyduck (L18) x2
 Misty's Poliwag (L15) x4
 Misty's Staryu (L20) x3
 Misty's Starmie (L35) x2
 Misty's Horsea (L10) x3

 Total Pokemon- 20

  Misty's Tears x4
  Misty x4
  Misty's Duel x4
  Cerulean City Gym x4
  Energy Removal x2

  Total Trainers- 18

  Water Energy x18
  Psychic Energy x4

  Total Energy- 22


How does your deck do?:

I go to league on Saturdays and I've been to some tournaments. At league I battle two boys in particular (one is in eighth grade like me and the other is a sophomore) who can make very good decks. I have beaten them very little. One of the decks that irks me most is a grass one by the sophomore which is crazy and therefore always wins. By crazy I mean a lot of different grass Pokemon that are very powerful and can come out on the second or third turn due to Computer Search and Poke Breeder. The other uses Wigglytuff in particular and although it changes Pokemon often as the new sets come out Wiggly always stays. This is so annoying! Even though my deck is pretty awesome against most people, I want it to be able to beat these decks that feature the promo and base Venusaurs, Rocket's Scyther and the Wiggly. These decks are very fast and usually they take three or more prizes by the fifth turn. As soon as my heavy hitters come out, they are beaten, and the only thing that's ever gotten me close to decking the guys is Misty's Poliwag, who with the right coin flip can keep them Asleep or Paralyzed for long periods of time. I'd like to keep him in. As I'm a water fan, I also want this deck to be tournament quality so that when I go to another tournament I can win using the type I like best. I placed 179 in the WCSTS tournament and was not happy about it.


Other info you feel is important: I am obsessed with Misty. If at all possible, please keep this deck to only Misty Pokemon, but if it needs different guys, go ahead. I will not cry, but test it instead.


Hey, Marina...

Looks like you're a Misty Fan!  Let's do what we can to try to give this deck a little defense against Wiggly and the other deck you mentioned.  To be honest, you will have a very difficult time beating most archetypes with a Misty Deck.  The evolutions just aren't fast enough.  But you know what?  It sure is a lot more fun to play an original deck, ain't it?!  Any brainless idiot can play Wiggly and win... mindless automatons.... lol!  But it takes guts and inspiration to come up with original non-archetype decks.  Kudos to you.

Here's my ideas on how to give yourself a little more help.  Both the decks you mentioned seem to rely heavily on trainers.  LASS is a beating on decks like that.  Try to Lass them ASAP and leave their decks trainerless and floundering.  I also wanted to give you a little more search ability, so I of course thought of Oak, but hey.. this IS a Misty themed deck, so I put in Misty's Wrath instead.  If it's too extreme, switch it out for Oaks.

Another idea I am giving you is a possible first turn win using the trainer Misty to go with a couple of 20 damage for 1 Misty Pokemon.  That's why I switched your basics a bit.  See if that works out for you.  If you don't like them in playtesting, you can switch back.

And lastly, I felt Sprout Tower will do you more good against Wigglytuff. 


Made a few Level changes.... Misty's Poliwhirl is a beating so I added it in too.  Eliminated others to make some room.


Added Sprout Tower, Lass and Wrath.


Adjusted for room.

New Deck Listing:

Pokémon - #19
3 Misty's Tentacool (L16)
2 Misty's Tentacruel (L30)
4 Misty's Poliwag (L16)
3 Misty's Poliwhirl (L37) 

4 Misty's Staryu (L16) 
3 Misty's Starmie (L35)

Trainers - #21
3 Misty's Tears
3 Misty's Wrath

4 Misty
4 Misty's Duel
3 Sprout Tower
4 Lass 

Energy - #20
16 Water
4 Psychic


Best of luck Marina, and hope I you get some Wiggly hits in with your Misty deck!

 ~ Doll

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