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Aurora Cannon
Deck Type: Old-School Raindance
January 24, 2001


Heya all!

This week's deck is going to be an old-school Raindance type deck, Base thru Rocket.... here's the original submission:

Name: alberth franco


Email Address: franco_albert@hotmail.com


Skill Level: i think that i would consider my self a novice even though i have never gone to the pokemon league i have played against my friend and beat him


Strategy of your deck: the point is to get out dewgong and dark blastoise, get energy on them and annihalate the opponent. i also have lickitung,and lapras to back them up and stall. the scoop up is obvious. the energy removal is also used to slow the opponent down.


Deck Name: aurora cannon


Deck Listing (please include quantity of each card also)

4 seels

3 dewgongs

3 lapras

2 lickitungs

2 squirtle

1 wartortle

1 dark blastoise

1 pokemon breeder

1 energy search

2 proffesor oak

1 pokemon trader

4 energy removal

1 defender

2 scoop up

4 bills

1 gambler

2 gust of wind

26 water energies


How does your deck do?:  well i built a fire and colorless deck and i got creamed by the colorless pokemon. i also decked myself with oak.


Other info you feel is important: i do not have articunos




Well, considering you are a beginner, your deck was fairly well put together.  I'm assuming you don't have Gym and Neo released in your area yet, so I'm sticking to Base through Rocket for your deck.  When the new sets get released in your area, there are some awesome cards in them, but for now, I'll get you off to a good start.  And dude... now I'm going to give you POWER.  Let's get you started with an old-school Raindance deck.  It shouldn't be legal for novices to wield this kind of pure power, but it is.  Once you've mastered this deck against your friends, try it out at a Pokémon League and see how you do.  Old-School Raindance is a great deck to start with as it is fairly easy to run and, with a little practice, can win games consistently.  


Dark Blastoise ain't bad, but Base Blasty's Pokémon Power just can't be beat for a water deck.  Since you don't have any Articunos, Dewgong will work fine.  Use Lapras to stall while you try to get Blasty up ASAP.


I focused your trainers more towards getting Raindance running, but tried to keep in mind that you are a beginner.  This is a very basic Raindance deck with no frills other than maybe Breeder.  I added in Nightly Garbage Run since you said you were having problems decking when you Oaked.  I also added Switch, which will get your Blastoise or Dewgong out of there in case they  get gusted out with no energy on them.  And Computer Search and Item Finder are musts for almost any deck.  Use the Comp Search to find the card you need when you need it.  Use Item Finder to re-use needed trainers from your discard pile.


I think we can safely reduce your counts....

New Deck Listing:

Pokémon - #15
3 Seels
2 Dewgongs
4 Lapras
4 Squirtle
2 Blastoise

Trainers - #25
3 Pokémon Breeder
3 Professor Oak
4 Bill
3 Nightly Garbage
3 Computer Search
2 Item Finder
2 Scoop Up
2 Switch
3 Gust of Wind

Energy - #20
20 Water


Best of luck, and let me know how it goes with this latest version...

 ~ Doll

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