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Hypnotizing Confusing
Prop 15/3c
January 17, 2001



Name:  Matt Stille


mIRC nickname (if you have one):  mwsmagmar


Email Address: my personal one is mwscardsfan@hotmail.com


Skill Level:  Intermediate (I have played a few DCI or similar level tounaments).  You might consider me to be more than Intermediate though because I play a lot online on Pojo's Apprentice/IRC Case's Ladder League.


Speed Metagame in your area: Mostly it is fast for when I play online.  The tourneys that I've been in it was fast too.


Strategy of your deck: Status Effects Lock.  You'll see later.


Deck Name: Hypnotizing Confusion


Deck Listing

Pokemon (18)

3 TR Drowzee

3 Snorlax

3 Oddish (TR or JU, depending on your view, I usually use TR)

3 Dark Gloom

3 Gastly (FO)

3 Haunter (FO)

Trainers (15)

3 Professor Oak

3 Gust of Wind

3 PlusPower

3 Energy Removal

3 Computer Search

Energy (27)

13 Grass

11 Psychic

3 Double Colorless


How does your deck do?:  Well, as you probably have noticed, this deck is for the Prop. 15/3 format.  I know a lot of people hate that format but I sorda like it.  This deck does great in that format but in normal matches it doesn't do so hot.  Oh yeah, and I usually only play Base-Gym Heroes not through Gym Challenge with this deck.  On the ladder it has a record of 43-8 and in NON-ladder online matches it is 3-0.  That is it's record up to December 18th, 2000.  I wasn't sure of whether or not to send this to the Killer Deck Reports but I didn't think it would fit that format.  Also, this deck won one of my Base-Heroes or Base-TR 15/3 online tourneys.  I didn't use it but I let DYNAMITE use it since he wasn't sure of what deck to use.  I told him he could use it just as is but in the future he would have to make some changes if he wants to call it his.


Other info you feel is important: I wasn't really sure where to send the deck but I know some peops have wanted to finally see what it is.  This will give them that chance.  Thanks for reading this Doll and others who do. Peace out.  Oh yeah, Doll do you and Scott still remember how to pronounce my last name?  I would like peops to know the right pronunciation.  I'm not sure how to accent it though.  It's something like "still e" or something.  Talk to you later.



Hey, Matt!    

I wouldn't mess with this deck at all, since you've had some great success with it!  But I did want to post it to give everyone a chance to see what a great 15/3c deck looked like... observe, everyone!  Nice job mws!


Be seeing ya on mirc =),

 ~ Doll

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