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January 17, 2001



                   Name: Mike

                   mIRC nickname (if you have one): none


                   Email Address:


                   Skill Level: Advanced

                   Speed Metagame in your area: Fast

                        How quick are the decks you
usually play against?
                     Fast-Ultra turbo


                   Strategy of your deck:   Team
Rocket's Zapdos plays hard during early game while
Chansey and Base Raichu (and plus power) clean up the
late game.

                        Tell me what your deck focuses
on to win. Some examples of strategy:
 I try to build up Raichu for some very hard hitting
in late game.

                   Deck Name: ZAP! CRACKLE! POP!


                   Deck Listing 

4x Raichu
4x Promo Pikachu(The 60 HP one)
4x Team Rocket's Zapdos
4x Chansey

4x Computer Search
3x Lass
4x Oak
4x Plus Power
2x Item Finder
3x Gust of Wind

                        Energy Types
4x Double Colorless Energy
20x Electric Energy                 


                   How does your deck do?: My deck
does fairly good against other archtypes like Haymaker
and esp. Raindance. Raichu,I think is like a sub, of
some sort , for a Wigglytuff. I've always liked
it(Raichu) better though. My deck does though have
problem with the following.
Decks Based around Meganium: They out speed me to
Trainer Denial/Haymaker decks: This kind of deck
really kills me. It uses Chaos Gym and Rocket's Sneak
attacks, and Lass to deny trainers while there
Haymaker pokemon beat up on you. Against those decks
Raichu never gets into play, and Chansey and Zapdos
are the only ones out(I prefere not to put pikachu out
unless I'm oaking or I have a way to evolve). I might
need Gyms.         

                   Other info you feel is important:
      Nothing much.

Quote:  Sometimes I feel 16...other times 5....
Quote:  Nice? Who me? Never......
Quote:  You talkin to me? YOU TALKIN TO ME? ok
Quote:  A bowl of Mac&Cheese a day keeps the..um....er....uh..
Quote:  6th grade...all honors......me? Dang!

Hey, Mike...

Hmm.... I just wanted to let everyone know why I chose your deck to fix.  You submitted a detailed write up on your deck, letting me know the strategies you like to use while playing (using R Zapdos to start and the heavy hitters for cleanup).  You also let me know what decks you had problems playing against, which is probably the most important factor in helping me fix a deck.  That makes my job SOOO much easier and also makes a deck much more likely to be picked for a fix.

I like the deck, but there were just a couple things that I felt could really help. 


Hmm... this is where I really think that a simple change will make a big difference.  If you are building Raichu on the bench for the end game, then I really think that Base Zapdos is probably a better bet.  He has the same attack, but has a lot of plusses.  He has 10 more HP, a resistance to fight instead of a weakness to it, and he's a BASIC, which means he doesn't need the 4 vulnerable Pikachus to support him, so that opens up some room in your deck.  The drawback is that he has a retreat of 3, but we'll try to compensate for that with some trainer support.


Switch gets important with high retreat Zappy.  Added some Gyms that I thought would help... Gold Berry seems a perfect addition to help you hang on just a little longer for a couple more big hits.


Adjusted numbers just a lil' to make room....

New Deck Listing:

Pokémon - #13
2 Zapdos Base Set
4 Team Rocket's Zapdos
4 Electabuzz
3 Chansey

Trainers - #28
4 Computer Search
4 Lass
4 Oak
4 Plus Power
4 Item Finder
2 Switch
2 Ecogym
4 Gold Berry

Energy - #19
4 Double Colorless Energy
15 Electric Energy


Best of luck, and let me know how it goes with this latest version...

 ~ Doll

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