>From: Jon3Point@aol.com
>To: zluther@hotmail.com
>Subject: psychotic weeds
>Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2000 17:41:18 EST
>hey z. I love your section. Here is a deck that is pretty good and i need
>your help on improving it. I don't have a card shortage and a could get
>anything that is needed to improve this deck. Please try to make this into
>big time winning deck.
>Pokemon 24
>4 Abra
>3 Kadabra
>3 Jynx
>4 Weedle
>3 Kakuna
>3 Beedrill
>2 Koffing
>2 Tangela
>Energy 22
>10 Psychic Energy
>12 Grass Energy
>Trainers 14
>3 Bill
>2 Gambler
>2 Professor Oak
>2 Pokemon Traders
>2 Energy Retrieval
>2 Switch
>1 Computer Search
>My basic strategy is to poison the opponent with poisionis grass pokemon
>bring up Kadabra and Jynx and totally assault the opponent with there high
>daming attacks. Energy retrieval is in to get back discarded recover
>Oak, Bill, Gambler, and energy retrieval are all in to help me get more
>energy and pokemon. Search is for the right pokemon or trainer (depending
>the situation). Switc is to get around tangela kakuna kadabra and jynx's
>retreat cost. Help.
Nice idea.  I like the "Speedrill" idea mixed with heavy-hitting psy power. 
Here are my suggestions:

If possible, replace the Abra/Kadabra line with 3 promo Mewtwos.  Basic,
more HP, powers up faster... just a superior pokemon, IMO.  That should
clear up four card slots.

Hm... you could leave in Jynx, or change those to Mimes.  Doesn't much
matter either way, though Mime has that nice power and a cheaper retreat.

Use Breeders instead of Kakunas.  Your point here is (I take it) Beedrill,
so you'll want to get it out fast.

Hmm... I like Koffing, but Tangela's just a wee bit too slow for my tastes. 
Try replacing with Scyther... yesss, that's more like it.  I'm sure you know
the reasons for Scyther.  If possible, I'd even like to see a third Scy go
in here... maybe by dropping a Jynx/Mime?  Hm.  That's up to you, as it's a
personal taste sort of thing.

Now: we can use those four card slots we opened earlier to put in 4 DCE. 
These are essential in a speedy grass deck, to power up Scyther and

Your trainers are quite good and well thought out.  My only suggestion here
is to replace the Switches with GoW, because we've made this into something
of a low-retreat deck.  If you replace Jynx with Mime, the highest retreat
you'll have will be Mewtwo, and that's easily made up for with Energy

Very nice work on this one.  Good luck to you.


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