>From: KAG43065@aol.com
>To: zluther@hotmail.com
>Subject: The Deck: Yoga Smash
>Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2000 16:24:44 EST
>                   I've already sent this deck to Jared except with
>diffirent trainers and a different deck name(plus I spelled Chansey
>wrong).Anyway,I can play this deck like a haymaker early on,due to
>Hitmonchan.Kadabra is good mid-game as it does fifty damage.Also,in the
>mid-game,Jynx can usually win the game as a clean-up hitter.Jynx's meditate
>kills after repeated stretch kicks from Hitmonlee.Chansey is a great
>early on,and my heavy artilliary in the late-game.After the
>double-edge,Alakazam swaps the damage to the bench(where else?).This deck
>very seldom loses,but if possible,please put down any ideas you think will
>help out this deck. Onto the deck already.
>4 Abra
>3 Kadabra
>2 Alakazam
>2 Jynx
>                                                  4 Hitmonchan
>3 Hitmonlee
>2 Chansey
>3 Energy Removal
>2 Super Energy Removal
>4 Pluspower
>3 Gust Of Wind
>2 Energy Retrieval
>1 Pokemon Center
>1 Computer Search
>1 Item Finder
>11 Psychic Energy
>12 Fighting Energy
>                       I know only one of those three trainers seems
>those three cards,plus a small handful of others,seem to work o.k. even
>only one of it.I won't keep you any longer,so thank you and good-bye.
Not bad at all.  Here are my thoughts:

Take out a Hitmonchan for a Chansey; 3 of each will be reliable.  Remove the
Hitmonlees altogether -- they're too energy inefficient.  If possible,
replace the 'lees with promo Mewtwos.

Try to replace Jynx with Mime, as I generally find Mime more useful.

Trainers: They look pretty good, but I think you could use two more
PokéCentres, for washing the damage away.  You can drop the PlusPowers to
make room -- I don't think this deck has as much use for them as some
others.  Also, a pair of Traders might serve you well here.

You have no Oak or Bill... you really need those, especially if you're going
for a beatdown deck.  Hm... you might drop the ERetrieval for a pair of
Oaks... you'll likely get the E when you Oak anyway.

The energy looks nice, but try switching the Psy and Fight around... you're
mostly Psy in this deck, and the E should reflect that.

This is a solid deck, and one of the few damage swaps that isn't a staller. 
Good job, and good luck.


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