>From: ABidner723@aol.com
>To: zluther@hotmail.com
>Subject: Reconstructed (crappy) Zap Deck
>Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2000 23:12:43 EST
>Just to tell you, I don't have any jungle pikachus :( some kid stole my
>Alakazam, I don't have Electabuzz, or many doubles of rares. Anyway, here's
>my deck. The main point is to focus on kicking the opponent's bench's @$$
>quickly with Hypno, Zapdos, Magneton, and Raichu. And if the opponent tries
>to get KO these bench killers with an evolution, I'll have Mew and his
>Devolution Beam to back me up.
>2 Drowzee
>1 Hypno
>3 Abra
>1 Kadabra
>1 Mew (promo)
>4 Pikachu (base)
>1 Raichu (fossil)
>3 Magnemite
>1 Magneton (fossil)
>1 Zapdos (fossil)
>1 Mewtwo
>2 Jynx
>1 Super Potion
>1 Prof. Oak
>2 Switch
>1 Comp. Search
>1 Potion
>2 Bills
>1 Defender
>2 Gust of Wind
>12 Electric Energy
>16 Psy Energy
>my email is felix_bidner@fcmail.com and thanks for your help!
It appears this deck has fallen into that trap so perilous to reconstructed
Zap! decks: take all the Psy/Light pokemon you get in boosters, and throw
'em in the deck.  Quite honestly, that doesn't work.  Zap! is just too
crappy in the first place to get any kind of results like that.

If you're going to focus on bench destruction, then you might try to get
some Gengar.  I know, they're rare, and so is the good Haunter, but they'd
be a big asset in this deck.  Just a thought.

As soon as you can, make those Pikas Jungle.  Also, drop down to 3 of them. 
If possible, add another Raichu (either version).

Drop Magnemite/Magneton, and Abra/Kadabra.  Don't use Mewtwo unless it's the
promo version and you have at least two.  Jynx is pretty good until you get
some Mimes (base set two is coming out, great for getting non-holo rares).

When it becomes possible, try to get another Hypno.  If you find you need
more room for cards in this deck, take out some Energy... you're quite high
on that.

Trainers: Oh dear.  Goodbye Potion, Super-duper Potion, and Defender.  Now
we need another Oak, another Bill, another GoW, another CompSearch... you
get the picture.  Add in some SER if you find the room, to aid with the
disruption theme.

That's about it.  Make some of these changes as you get the cards, and
you'll find the deck gets better and better.  Just remember your strategy:
bench destruction.  Good luck.


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