>From: Isaura Jaramillo <isaura@bellsouth.net>
>To: zluther@hotmail.com
>Subject: Deck: The Nine-Tailed Great Dog Fire Burning Swift Deck
>Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2000 23:26:25 -0800
>Pokemon: 15
>3  vulpix
>2 9tale
>3 growlith
>2 RK9
>3 Ponyta
>2 Rapidash
>Trainers: 23
>2 Oak
>3 Bill
>4 S. Potion
>3 ER
>2 SER
>3 Mr. Fuji  (I think he's better than scoop)
>2 Energy search
>4 Energy Retreaval
>3 CPU Search
>Energy: 19
>4 DCE
>15 Fire energy
>Strategy: C'mon, I think my deck is self explanitory. I use rapidash's
>swift to stall for a while. Then whoever I get pumped first will go on
>the attack 9tales or RK9.
Not a bad deck, but here are the problems I see with it:

1) Mono-fire decks are quite difficult to win with... simply because there's
a tremendous number of Raindance decks out there.

2)You're running very low on energy for a fire deck... both Ninetales and
Arcanine must discard to use one of their attacks.  The Retrieval should
help you out a great deal, but that's still fairly skimpy energy as far as
fire is concerned.

3) Try to up one of your lines to 4/3... decide which line you like best,
and use it.  You might consider dropping one of the other lines (either
Ninetales or Arcanine) and putting in some solid basics, like fossil Magmar
and Scyther.  However, room's pretty tight.

You've done a great job with the trainers; my congratulations on that. 
You'll probably have to make some cuts, though.

As far as fire decks go, this is a pretty good one... but as I said,
mono-fire is tough to play.

Good luck,


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