>From: "Ron McDaniels" <rlm@sgi.net>
>To: <zluther@hotmail.com>
>Subject: Devolution Disaster
>Date: Sat, 8 Jan 2000 16:59:15 -0600
>  Hi.  The PoJo is an awesome site!  I have a community that has a place
>for deck help too!  Could you please take the time to look at my deck?  I
>had it planned about 2 weeks prior to the Mew Promotion.  I didn't think
>I'd be able to make the deck because I didn't know how I was going to get 4
>Mew!  Somehow, I got 6 and they are cool!  Now on to my deck.....
>Devolution Disaster
>Pokemon: 23
>4 Promo Mew(From Toys R Us)
>4 Aerodactyl
>4 Fossil Gastly
>3 Fossil Haunter
>2 Gengar
>3 Chansey
>3 Ditto
>Energy: 26
>22 PSI Energy
>4 DCE
>Trainers: 11
>4 Mysterious Fossil
>3 Prof. Oak
>2 Computer Search
>2 Pokemon Trader
>   The objective of this deck is to get an Aerodactyl into play as fast as
>possible.  With Aerodactyl safe on the bench, you want to try to have a Mew
>as your active Pokemon.  Use Mew's Devolution Beam to de-evolve one of
>their Pokemon.  Since you have Aerodactyl out, they can't evolve it back! 
>Mew can only stay in for about 2 turns before he's in danger of fainting so
>be careful!  Use Devolution Beam twice if neccessary.  Otherwise, try using
>a Psywave attack to damage the opponent.  This aspect of gameplay will
>short circuit Rain Dance and many other evolution decks as well as Damage
>Swap decks that rely on getting Alakazam out.  Beat Down decks must be met
>head on by an army of Mews, Gastlies, Haunters, and Gengars since
>Devolution Beam will have no effect on basics!  If Aerodactyl is out fast
>enough(2nd, 3rd turn) you might not even need to use Mew's Devolution Beam!
>  When Aerodactyl is out, use Mew, Gastly, Ditto and Chansey to lead the
>onslaught.(And even Aerodactyl is neccessary)  If one of the Aerodactyls
>gets KO'd, don't worry!  Your opponent has to KO 4 of them before you have
>to worry!  This deck doesn't have terribly destructive depth so against
>Rain Dance decks, you must get Aerodactyl out fast!  Mew is good for when
>you get Aerodactyl out, but it is a little later in the game.  Then you can
>use Devolution Beam to get rid of that pesky Blastoise, annoying
>Gyarados(leaving them with a pathetic Magikarp!!), or darndable Dewgong!
>Thank you for taking the time to check my deck over and read its strategy. 
>Please post it on your Deck Mechanic page!  Thanx!
>My email address is rlm@sgi.net if you want to email me!
This idea's been floating around ever since we got the translation of Mew --
and it's certainly a valid strategy.  You've done a nice job of implementing
it, too; your card selections seem well thought-out.

You're going to have major troubles with Haymakers: you can't deëvolve their
pokés, and you have little that can stand up to a heavy assault barrage. 
Chansey will become your best friend in that situation, as you will call on
it to run suicide missions.

Some energy removal would help you out, I think.  The only problem is I
don't know what to drop.  ^_^  Like I said, everything in here is good.  You
might do fine with one less Aero and Ditto... that would give you room for a
pair of SER.

As for the other trainers, you're right to put in a lot of searching... but
be careful about using that third Oak.  I'm not terribly pleased about the
lack of Bills, but again I'm not sure what to drop here.  That darn 60 card

Anyway, you've done quite a good job of this.  You'll have no problem with
fighting, and with all your searching should get out Aero pretty darn fast. 
Nice job, and good luck.


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