>From: "Stu" <stu@fishbrain.co.uk>
>Reply-To: "Stu" <stu@fishbrain.co.uk>
>To: "Zach Luther" <zluther@hotmail.com>
>Subject: rain Dance
>Date: Sun, 9 Jan 2000 16:02:13 -0000
>Could you please help me with my trainers! I don't think they are working
>All help is greatly appreciated,
>p.s I cant get any jungle/Fosiil cards, Only Basic!
>25 Blue energy
>4 Squirtle
>3 Wartortle
>2 Blastoise
>4 Magikarp
>3 Gyarados
>3 Chansey
>2 Prof. Oak's
>2 Potions
>2 Item Finder
>2 Pokemon Breeders
>2 Pokemon Traders
>2 Gust Of Wind
>2 Computer Search
Well you only have 58 cards, so there's a problem.  I'm relieved that you
have at least two of each trainer, but I'd still like to see more of some. 
Oh, BTW, your pokÚs look pretty good, but I'd suggest more Blastoise, fewer
Wartortle (and obviously more Breeders).  I suppose Chansey is okay because
you don't have Articuno... hm.

On to the trainers.  First off, in a Raindance you want to have 3 Oaks.  You
don't want potions, because they're not going to do much good -- heal 20
damage off a 100 HP evolution?  Doesn't help much.

Like I said, fewer Wartortles and more Breeders will speed up the Raindance.
  Another GoW would also be nice.  This isn't really an energy denial
'dance, so I won't try to squeeze in ER, but it IS very helpful.

Actually, you could take out 4 energy for a pair of Energy Retrievals. 
That'd give you two more card slots, perfect for some SER.

Your trainers are all good, it's just a matter of getting enough of each. 
This is a nice Raindance, and I wish you luck.


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