>From: "King Arthur" <excaliber1999@hotmail.com>
>To: zluther@hotmail.com
>Subject: HaySpanker (New Age Haymaker)
>Date: Wed, 05 Jan 2000 12:20:08 EST
>Hello Z. I have already sent this deck to Dux and he questioned the lack of
>Scythers. I am now sending it to you because I think this deck will change
>the haymaker sceen and I need all the info I can get. I appreciate all your
>time you put into decks and I thank you for that. As we all know the
>"Haymaker" deck dominates the tourny sceen and with the edition of fossil
>magmar it has only got better. There is one card that could take the
>haymaker to a new level. The edition of the promo mewtwo has given me a new
>look at haymakers. As you will find out when you read about my deck, promo
>mewtwo will silence the current reigning haymaker(fossil magmar).
>Ready??Here we go.....
>--2 Mr. Mime--
>"!!"DANGER"!!" Water decks beware!! His meditate attack can turn giants
>into midgets.
>--3 Hitmonchan--
>These guys are still among the top basics out there. If you want to use a
>electabuzz or chansey I suggest you think twice. One fighting energy does
>20 damage with this guy.
>--3 Fossil Magmar--
>With one retreat cost and attacks that will frustrate your opponent this
>guy is a must. Say goodbye to Scythers in two shots and a coin flip.
>--4 Movie Promo Mewtwo--
>In two turns he can do 40 damage with consistency. Try to use a super
>energy removal and you have just wasted it because his attack lets you pick
>two energy cards up from your discard pile(even double colorless). This
>card combined with a scoop up is very hard to overcome. It can kill
>hitmonchan in one blow. It can kill scyther, electrabuzz, lapras and fossil
>magmar in two blows. If you get two of these guys out the game will be over
>shortly. Think gengar or blastoise will stop him...think again. You wont be
>able to evolve him when Gow's kill gastley and squirtle. There is so much
>more I could write about this guy but I will let you use your imagination.
>--4 Scoop Ups--
>With all basic pokemon there is no need to worry about killing your
>evolution chains with this card. Also, this will save you from giving up a
>prize to your opponent.
>--3 Super Energy Removal--
>This sets your opponent back a couple of turns and most haymakers will
>slowly die because of their lack of energy.
>--3 Energy Removal--
>SER without the S.
>--3 Bill--
>I previously disagreed with using bill..but he gives card advantages which
>is needed with many decks including this one.
>--3 Energy Search--
>With the lack of energy in this deck, these will make up for the certain
>energy types that you need.
>--2 Computer Search--
>To be used for Professor Oak or "Must Need" cards.
>--2 Gust of Wind--
>A great tactic card. Good with Computer Search. Needed to kill those cards
>that need to be finished off. Combined with Promo mewtwo a hitmonchan can't
>even be placed on the bench or it is in trouble.
>--2 Energy Retrieval--
>This uses the same strategy as "energy search",but instead of one energy
>,you get two.
>--2 Professor Oak--
>To get 7 cards back into your hand when you only have 2. Also good to use
>when you dislike your hand.
>10 Psychic
>7 Fighting
>7 Fire
>I think this deck will be the new age haymaker. Please respond to me with
>your thoughts and comments on how this deck will do against all others.
This is quite good.  Everything is well thought out, and I don't really
disagree with anything you've said.

Scyther is nice, as everyone knows, and I can certainly see why he was
suggested.  Still, adding him would rather drastically change the deck, so I
think you might as well leave him out.  You do have the Scoops to compensate
for not having a free-retreat guy.

I would like to see perhaps one more GoW in here, just for consistancy.  If
you find that CompSearching for it works well enough, however, then you
might as well stick with that.  If you do decide to add one, you might
consider dropping a mewtwo.  He's awesome, yes, but 3 would probably be

Other than that, I have no real criticism.  This is a well-rounded potpourri
variation; well done.

Good luck to you.


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