>From: Mitchell Olson <dbzhouse@concentric.net>
>To: zluther@hotmail.com
>Subject: pokemon deck
>Date: Fri, 31 Dec 1999 00:12:58 -0800
> My friend told me about the deck garage and I am interested in what you
>have to say about my deck.
> My deck is a plant and fighting and the main goal is to hit them hard
>and hit them fast.  My deck has barley any evolution cards and lots of
>really good basics. Like hitmonlee who hits for 50 and only costs three
>energy.  When I start I normally use hitmonchan and use Jab to start
>knocking down easy to kill basic pokemon at the beginning.  After that I
>use gusts of wind and bring up pokemon with no energy or pokemon with
>weaknesses to fighting.  I mostly use Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee, and Pinsir
>and hit opponents for 40 to 50 damage each turn. The only pokemon power
>in my deck is muck with "toxic gas". I center my deck around muck.  When
>I play I have muck at my bench to prevent damage swap, rain dance, etc.
>Here is my deck:
>1 Pinsir
>2 grimer
>1 muk
>2 nidoran (male)
>2 nidorino
>2 scyther
>2 hitmonchan
>2 hitmonlee
>2 geodude
>1 gravler
>1 golem
>1 chancy
>1 ditto
>2 bill
>2 Pro oak
>1 plus power
>2 gust of wind
>1 scoop up
>1 super energy removal
>1 pokemon trader
>2 energy retrieval
>13 grass energy
>13 fighting energy
>2 double colorless energy
>Thanks for your help
> Mitchell Olson
> dbzhouse@concentric.net
You have a pretty good idea here, but could use a little focusing.

First off, thank you for explaining your strategy.  That always helps me in
deciding what to do.  One thing I notice is that you didn't mention the
Geodude line in your strategy synopsis.  I think this might be due to the
fact that they're not very good.  Taking that in mind, then, drop the entire
'dude line.

Now.  If you want Muk to be your main blob, you'll need at least one more in
here.  A 2/1 evolution just doesn't have the consistancy needed to get out
the evolution with any regularity.

Similarly, you need more than one of each basic if you want to see it often.
  Try 2 Pinsir and 2 Ditto.  I don't know if Chansey is really needed
here... Kangaskhan might be a better fit, especially if you're only going to
put in one.

I'd like to see a third Hitmonchan, Scyther, and perhaps even Hitmonlee.  If
to make room you must drop the Nidos, do so without hesitation.  They're
rather low on the HP scale, despite some nifty attacks.  I feel that without
Nidoking, though, the male Nido line isn't terribly good.

About your trainers: I'm quite pleased to see you've chosen some of the best
trainers for your use.  However, I'm not so thrilled about the number of
them.  I'd like to see another Bill, GoW, Scoop, SER, and Trader.  Phew. 
Drop energy to make room for trainers; you're running a ton of E already,
and with 2 Retrievals you shouldn't have any difficulty in getting E.

Try to work some more ERemoval into this deck.  Disruption decks are quite
annoying to play against, and this has potential in that genre.  Good luck,
and have fun.


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