>From: BCARRJTR@aol.com
>To: zluther@hotmail.com
>Subject: congrats new deck mechanic please look at this deck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
>Date: Wed, 17 Nov 1999 21:53:27 EST
>This is my deck the strategy is to get out the weepinbell and pinsir out
>do some quick damage and then pump up my beedrill and venusuar. Please help
>this deck!!!!
>26-grass energy
>2-comp searches
>I'm pretty sure it has 60 cards if not i'm sorry.
>Thanks from Tom!!!!!! BCARRJTR@AOL.COM
You're at 58 cards.

First off, lose the Bells.  BTW, do you realize you're using only 4 trainers
in this deck?  That's unbelieveable.

Ok now.  You can use some Breeders in place of all those Ivys and Kakunas. 
4 Breeders, and drop to 1 Kakuna and 1 Ivy.

Trying to run multiple stage 2 lines results in a lack of space for
trainers.  You want Bill, Oak, and all that stuff in here.  Do try to make
room for it.  You'll have to cut down on one of your Stage 2 lines to make
enough room, though.  What you cut is up to you.  Or you could cut a little
E just to make some space.  Once Venu's out, E isn't much of a problem, as
you don't lose much of the stuff.

Not bad overall.  Good luck.


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