>From: Prof.Poke <profpoke@usa.net>
>To: zluther@hotmail.com
>Subject: Deck Mech
>Date: 17 Nov 99 17:38:59 MST
>Now that you're one of them, I would like start you off with a semi-toughy.
>My deck is good but I would like to know if I should add any Jungle/Fossil
>cards (Mr.Mime, Gambler, ect.)  Can you help me?
>//NAME: Wall Stall
>// Pokemon
>         4 Abra
>         3 Alakazam
>         4 Chansey
>         4 Hitmonchan
>         4 Jynx
>         3 Kadabra
>// Trainers
>         3 Computer Search
>         4 Energy Removal
>         2 Impostor Professor Oak
>         1 Pokemon Breeder
>         3 Pokemon Center
>         3 Super Energy Removal
>// Energy
>         3 Double Colorless
>         7 Fighting Energy
>         12 Psychic Energy
>P.S. Congrats on your new position as a Deck Mech!!!
Very good.  Yeah, Mime would help you out here.  You could go 2 Mime/2 Jynx,
or just drop the Jynx for mime and promo mewtwo.

I find that with decks similar to this, I often have very large hands
towards the end of the game.  For that reason, Gambler would help you out
here, especially if you're trying to deck someone.

I'm not sure of the necessity of the DCE, just for Chansey.  Ideally, you
don't want any E on Chansey in the first place, so I think you could do
without the DCE.

You also might do fine with just 3 Hitmo.  I find 4 to be superfluous,

Hm... you have searches to help out.  That's good, but you might consider
dropping one ER and one SER to make room for 2 Traders.  I find them useful,
but if the CompSearches alone work for you, then stick with that.

Other than that, you're doing great.  This is my favourite type of deck, so
thanks for sending me one.  ^_^  Good luck!


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