>From: "ben bressler" <gimilthedwarf@hotmail.com>
>To: zluther@hotmail.com
>Subject: deck ideas
>Date: Tue, 28 Dec 1999 19:44:41 PST
>Dear Pojo
>Before I go into the help section I would like to thank you for the great
>magazine and the even better web site, I especially like the deck garage
>and the card price guides.  Now onto the deck.
>I have a Psychic and Lighting deck that has a lot of trainers, it's worked
>pretty well for me in the past but it's been having trouble with the fossil
>set, especially muck.  The main idea is to hit hard and to hit fast, hoping
>to knock all of the opponents pokemon before the can build them up.  Then
>if that doesn't work I stall slowly picking away at them until I've gotten
>the last few prizes or they run out of cards.
>I mainly use the Electrabuzz for the quick hit at the beginning, gust of
>winding out wimpy pokemon and using plus powers to knock out it out.  I
>also use the super energy removal to slow down my opponent's build up.
>In the mean time I'm getting the alakazam with the pokemon trader and the
>pro. Oak.  If the quick kill doesn't work I stall normally with Clefable,
>chancy, or Mr. Mime (I'll try an Electrabuzz to paralyze the defending
>pokemon in a last resort) as the active pokemon using alakazam to move the
>damage counters to the chancy or to other pokemon with no energy.  Then I
>use pokemon centers or scoop up's to remove the damage.
>I also do not have that much energy in my deck so the energy retrieval is
>essential to my operation.
>So on to the deck...
>4 Electrabuzz
>4 abra
>3 kadbra
>2 alakazam
>2 mr. mime
>2 chancy
>3 clafairy
>2 Clefable
>4 plus power
>2 pokemon trader
>2 pokemon center
>2 scoop up
>2 energy retrieval
>2 pro. Oak
>2 super energy removal
>2 gust of wind
>8 electric energy
>12 psychic energy
>O one more thing, I never have only one of a card in my deck (you never get
>it when you want it) and I always have one more of the unevolved pokemon
>then the evolved pokemon.  I also think the first thing you'll do is take
>out the Electrabuzz and put something else in.  Do remember you rated it a
>5 in your magazine and it has saved me several times.  With the energy
>retrieval and my good drawing I always seem to get the energy for it
>Thanks for the great service
>:-) Gimil the Dwarf/Lt. Surge
>    Ben Bressler
>    gimilthedwarf@hotmail.com
>    ltsurge.itgo.com
Very nice!  Very nice indeed!  I like it.  Truth be told, a lot of decks
have trouble with Muk.  Raindance does, Energy Trans does, and Damage Swap
does.  Well, you guessed it: you're playing Damage Swap.

I love Buzz.  Let me say that right now.  But there's an interesting fact
about pokémon that are resistant to Psychic: All of them save two are weak
to fighting.  For that reason, and that reason alone, I think Psy/Fight
works better than Psy/Light.  And of course, the Avatar of Fighting is
indeed Hitmonchan.  So if you like, trade out your Buzz for 3 Hitmo... that
should be all you need.

Hm... I like so much in this deck.  I'm not sure about the necessity of the
PlusPowers; this deck isn't built around quick beatdown.  You mention quick
beatdown in here, and that's fine.  That's what the strong basics are for. 
But this deck is about wearing your opponent down, keeping yourself healthy
with the Damage Swap.

Try to get a little more energy with this newfound room.  It really helps
out.  Also, you might consider another damage sponge (like Chansey), just to
help with getting them out.  Once you have 'em, then they're usually pretty
safe on the bench.

It sounds like you're doing just fine, though!  You have a good idea of how
to build a deck.  Well done, and good luck to you.

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