>From: "Adam Coate" <adamcoate@hotmail.com>
>To: zluther@hotmail.com
>Subject: Deck Garage
>Date: Sun, 26 Dec 1999 12:26:29 PST
>Hey Z this is my potpourri deck that I've been using forever it seems.. I
>would really like it if you could make some corrections on it to make  it
>better..... anyways here it is:
>3 Scyther
>1 Kangaskahn
>1 Ponyta
>3 Electabuzz
>3 Hitmonchan
>3 Mr. Mime
>3 Bill
>3 Prof. Oak
>3 Gust of Wind
>2 Energy Retrieval
>2 Energy Removal
>2 Pluspower
>2 Item Finder
>2 Scoop up
>1 Computer Search
>3 SER
>6 Psychic
>6 Electric
>8 Fighting
>3 Double Colorless
>This deck has proved to be a great one for me, but I've been trying to work
>out the Ponyta and the Kangaskahn, but I can't figure out what to put in
>their places. If you could help me I would appreciate it a lot.
Ya know, I've never really used the potpourri.  Ah well.  I'll fix it
anyway.  ^_~

This looks pretty much like Scott's prototype.  Hmm... I've never liked that
lonely little Ponyta -- maybe 'cuz I have such terrible luck, one of a pokÚ
just doesn't work for me.

You might consider changing the colours around: take out the Lightning, and
Buzz.  Drastic it is, yes, but hey, give it a shot.  Replace the Light with
Fire, and fossil Magmar.  Get rid of the Ponyta.  What we'll do is use the
movie promo Buzz, just as a splasher.  DCE for a quick attack against water,
that sort of thing.  This tries to take into account the growing popularity
of Grass, and the decline of Water somewhat.

Now don't get me wrong: promo Buzz is NOWHERE near the pokemon that the
original is.  It doesn't protect against Blastoise nearly as well.  BUT, it
does use colourless E, and that's the clincher.  If it were ME, I'd feel
more comfortable with at least 2 of him, but if the one Ponyta worked for
you, one promo Buzz might work too.

On to fossil Mags: a wonderful card, the new Scyther Bane.  Also does
wonders against the Mime.  Cheaper retreat than most of your other pokÚs.

I'm leaving in Hitmo, you might notice.  This is because the Potpourri is
themed around having a response to any threat, and it remains a fact that
many pokemon are weak to fighting.  Since there's really no replacement for
Hitmo that utilizes colourless E (other than Aero, and that's not worth it),
I leave in the fight.

You might also drop an Oak for a 7th fire energy.  Should help out
somewhat... Oh!  Hey!  Energy Search would help you here.  You can probably
drop some E to make room for it.  Helps ya get the E you need, when you need
it.  Anyway, just a thought.

Good luck,


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