>From: "Robert W" <kaliborn15@hotmail.com>
>To: zluther@hotmail.com
>Subject: Water fight
>Date: Fri, 24 Dec 1999 20:21:19 PST
>Hi this my deck its beat all my friends i was just wandering if you could
>help me make it a little better.Hi my sratagy for this deck is basicly
>plian muscle.  I also use the hitmomlee/golom combo to take out there bench
>pokemon and it comes in handy when they try to build them up by sacrificing
>a large pokemon just for the purpose of building up the bench.i like to get
>the active pokemon teetering on the brink of death then start hitting the
>bench with hitmonlee then when they are all messed up i retreat and bring
>out golom to use self destruct which gives me multiple prize cards.  Well
>hope you can help me out.
>4 energy search
>1 super potion
>1 potion
>1 energy retrieval
>12 water
>14 fighting
>3 fire(used for colorless)
>4 geodude
>4 graveler
>2 golom
>2 magikarp
>1 gyarados
>4 krabby
>3 kingler
>2 hitmonlee
>1 hitmonchan
>1 kangaskhan
Ok, for now just drop the water pokemon.  All of 'em.  We'll come back to
this topic, ok?

Now, your strategy is interesting, but I'm not so sure it'll work with any
reliability.  Building up a stage 2 just to make the poor thing explode
seems wasteful to me, not to mention unbearably slow.  But if that's what
you want...

Get rid of the fire energy, dude.  What's up with that?  C'mon.  Ya don't
need it -- you have plenty of E already.

Simply put, your trainers need work.  Not tryin' to be rude or anything, but
you need GOOD trainers, not crap like super-duper potions.  And regular
potions.  Also, the ERetrieval and ESearch aren't as useful when you have
TWENTY-SIX energy already!  26 is plenty, believe you me.

"So what," you ask, "is a GOOD trainer?"  "Well," I answer, "Bill, Oak, GoW
and ER are all examples of GOOD trainers.  Use 'em, ok?"

Now the topic I've been avoiding.  That's right, your eclectic little
menagerie of pokémon.  If your focus is to be Golem and Hitmonlee, then put
more in.  Drop a Graveler for a Golem, add a Lee, add a Chan, and... er...
well, that's about it.  Oh yeah, the water.  Now I remember.  Try
Seel/Dewgong -- kinda like Gyar, but can use some colourless E.  That a lot
of pokés you're running now, so be careful.  Drop some if needed -- because
of your happy little strategy, Chan should be the first to go.

I leave in some water because mono-fight decks just don't work.  Since
you're only running Seel/Dewgong now, though, you can drop down
significantly in Water E.  Say... down to 10.

Tinker around with the trainers.  Try to find some combo that works (like I
even needed to tell you that).  I'm concerned that this strategy just isn't
workable, but you're free to try.  Good luck.


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