This deck is an almost unique concept, not in the idea of removing
energy, but in the idea of which pokemon to use.  Sure, you've got 4 ER and 4
SER like any ER deck ought to have, but in this deck, you've got the best
pokemon for the job.  I had originally used the dratini/dragonair line for
energy removal, but I found them to be too energy intensive, so I switched
them out for (who'd expect it?) Slowpoke.  Yes, Slowpoke. This deck is
designed to completely annihilate the resources of nearly any pokemon deck
out there.  This even has the Defense and Disruption to take on Raindance and
Haymaker decks.  Through trainers alone, this deck can potentially wipe out
16 energies from your opponent's deck.  Then there's Slowpoke.  That's right,
goofy-looking, dopey little Slowpoke is an almost invaluable card to this
deck!  Scavenge is the attack that can win games with this deck.  You want to
retrieve your SER or, in dire straits, even you ER to drain your opponent's
energies away.  With the aid of Slowpoke, this deck can potentially eliminate
28 energies from your opponent's deck.  Now bring in the other pokemon. 
Ghastly can get back all that energy you used to fire up your SERs so that
you can keep blasting away at your opponent's energy.  The Chanseys are, as
anyone knows, great wall pokemon, and they have a resistance to psychic. 
That offsets the weakness of Slowpoke to psychic.  The next featured pokemon
is the Big-Hitter in the deck: Promo Mewtwo.  With an energy removal
strategy, this guy only works better.  Use that SER and retreat that Chansey
or Slowpoke, attach a psychic energy to Mewtwo, and get those energies back
to use either to attack the next turn, or use for more energy removal.  That
particular combo works exceptionally well on the first turn.  As for those
decks that rely on evolved pokemon to work, I have the ultimate anti-evolving
pokemon: Aerodactyl.  An additional benefit of having Aerodactyl is that he
compensates for the inability of the rest of these pokemon to do any damage
to colorless pokes.  In fact, if you haven't yet realized it, colorless pokes
have a weakness to Aero.  Now, one must admit Gyarados, Charizard, and
Blastoise don't seem so menacing once they have no energy on them, do they? 
Well, enough talk for now.  Here's the deck:

Pokemon:  12
4 Ghastly
3 Slowpoke
2 Chansey
2 Aerodactyl
1 Promo Mewtwo  (I know, I need another one or two.  A second one would go in
place of the fourth Ghastly)

Trainers:  26
4 ER
3 Oak
3 CPU Search
3 Fuji
3 GoW
2 Gambler
2 Mysterious Fossil
2 Item Finder

Energies:  22
18 Psychic

I just have a few more things to say about how to use this deck.  If this
deck runs up against a stall deck, you have the option to do the same, and
likely with more efficiency.  You can load up all the energy that is in the
discard onto Mewtwo, then use Fuji, and then Gambler.  Or you could do the
same with trainers by using Slowpoke.  Or if you are in desperate need of a
strong attack, just put 2 DCE on an undamaged Chansey, use double edge, and
then use Fuji.  And if you think this deck lacks attack power, you're
probably right.  There's only the Mewtwo and Aerodactyl, unless you are
desperate enough to use Chansey to attack, which occasionally happens.  But
then there's the fact that not much damage is gonna be dealt to you if your
opponent's pokes have no energy.  Thanks for taking a look at it!
If there are any questions about the mechanics of this deck, just E-mail me
    Wow.  This person put some effort into this one.  I wish I got them all
like this *cough...*.  It's an interesting deck; I've never seen anything
like it before.  You're right, though, in saying you lack attack power. 
You'll have to treat this completely as a stall deck if you don't add more
damaging Pokémon.  But that might not be a bad thing, and that's how I think
the best way to fix it would be.  It's almost there anyway, and these kind of
decks seem to work best that way.
    For the Pokémon, you don't need to do much.  I'd take out two of the
Gastly for two more Chansey.  These will drive your opponent nuts in an ER
stall deck.  Since you won't need too much Energy to attack, and you have the
Mewtwo, you don't really need all four Gastly.  With their low HP, you often
exchange the Energy for a free prize for your opponent. 
    Hmm, some Trainers gotta go too, to make some room for more Mewtwos.  I
don't think the Aerodactyl is necessary, most evolution require high Energy
costs, and you've already covered that.  I'd take him out in favor of two
more Mewtwos and two Scoop Ups for healing Chansey.  Drop a Psychic Energy
and a Prof. Oak (don't wanna deck yourself) for two Bills.  Let's take a look-

2 Gastly
3 Slowpoke
4 Chansey
3 Promo Mewtwo

4 ER
2 Oak
3 Com. Search
3 Fuji
3 GoW
2 Gambler
2 Item Finder
2 Scoop Up
2 Bill

17 Psychic

    I have no clue on this one.  I have no experience with Slowpoke and not
much with this kind of deck in general.  As  far as I could tell, it was
fairly good when it started, so I didn't change much.  I like the idea, but
having never played this kind of deck, I'm not sure about the Trainer ratios.
Play some games with it and try to take note of its weaknesses and problems
you encounter.  If you find you need more healing, add Pokécenters or more
scoop ups.  If you run out of retreiving cards, add more Itemfinders or maybe
Recycle if you want to take chances.  Drop the cards that don't seem to help
you.  It's a very interesting deck, though, and has potential.

                                         ~ Souper ~