Please post this IDEA for a deck.
  I have been thinking of cards to support a charizard of which i saw
destructive potential in, and i thought a Venusaur and Mewtwo might work.
I end up with a THREE color deck and i would more likely than not end up
spreading those energies a little bit thin.  I would go 3-2-2 on Charizard
and Venusaur, and would need stalling pokes to wait let my char line get
evolved and energized.  I thought 2 chanseys and or 2 scythers. I would
need energies for the scythers so they wouldnt work probably, but my deck
cant revolve around a FIRE energy DISCARDING pokemon.  Any way...
Get the charmander on the bench DONT ATTACH ENERGIES TO IT UNTIL YOU HAVE A
FULL VENUSAUR( on your bench) AND A CHARMELEON AND CHARIZARD ( in your hand)
Attach a fire enegy or three to a magmar so your enemy isnt suspicious ,
than evolve your mander into a meleon, attach fire energy, use Vesaurs P.P.
to take 1 energy from magmar and attach it to Meleon.  Than evolve Meleon
into Izard and Attach 1 fire energy to it, and use venusaur's p.p. to
transfer energy from magmar to Izard.  Use a switch to put in Izard and use
the all- mighty fire spin.  Use super potions to keep izard up.  Then after
you are running low on energies use mewtwo's p.p. to get six energies back.
Then use Venusaur's p.p. to start attaching energies to izard. thats my
idea and here is my idea of how the deck might go, MIGHT, please tweak it
as you see fit, and i remind you, i cant always rely on the chars.

Pokes 26 pokes ( needs help)
3 manders
2 meleons
2 izards
1 magmar (doesnt really matter j or f)
3 bulbasaurs
2 ivysaurs
2 Venusaurs
2 scythers maybe
2 mewtwo's
3 abras
2 kadabras
2 chanceys

8 trainers (I know i need more)
1 oak
3 bills
3 super potions
1 switch

27 energies
9 fire
7 psychic
7 plant
4 dce
    The first, overwhelming thing I notice about this deck is that your whole
strategy is VERY conditional.  It would be a small- no, a large miracle if
you could get the deck to work like you just described.  There are several
structural problems here, so let's get started.  The first big thing is the
overly complicated strategy, not to mention Venusaur's power only uses Grass
Energy which can be a hindrance in a three color and you have 61 CARDS. 
That's a no-no.  But, I'll see if I can keep *cough* Charizard and still make
a fairly decent deck.  The first thing to consider is that for Charizard to
work in a deck, you need to make him the main consideration, the whole
strategy envolving building and supporting Charizard. 
    So, let's get started.  First, you need to focus more on the Charizard. 
Since Charizard and Venusaur are both Stage 2s, you won't have room for much
else.  Take out the Abras, Kadabras, and Chanseys.  Since the lizard is your
main Poké here, make the family 4/3/2.  Make the Venusaur family 4/3/2 too. 
This "pyramid" style of evolution chains normally works the best. 
    Now you notice the psychic "third" of the deck consists of a pair of
Mewtwos and 7 Energy.  The purpose of the Mewtwo here was to use his Energy
Absorption, but that would be your attack for the turn.  To use that Energy
to attack with Charizard, you have to move it to Charizard the next turn with
Venusaur.  It might be just me, but that seems kind of complicated and not
that efficient.  Energy Retrievals would work much better, and without the
Mewtwo and Psychic Energy you take it back down to two colors and open up 9
spaces.  Sounds like a good deal, huh?  So drop the Mewtwo for four Energy
Retrievals.  Also, for attacking backup when Charizard isn't in play, take
the Magmar up to three (Fossil, of course).
    Now for the trainers, probably the most important element of this deck. 
You'll need massive card drawing here.  Add another Oak and Bill, and three
Computer Search for getting those cards when you need them.  Now, we're
running out of space and you still need to tweak the Energies.  You're gonna
have enough trouble with Energy without discarding it for Super Potions which
don't help much anyway, so those goes *hehe*.  With the space, and the space
from before, add a Switch and 5 Grass Energy and another Fire.  Here's the
finished deck (assuming my math is correct)-

Pokémon (23)
4 Charmander
3 Charmeleon
2 Charizard
3 Magmar
4 Bulbasaur
3 Ivysaur
2 Venusaur
2 Scyther

Trainers (11)
2 Oak
4 Bill
2 Switch
3 Com. Search

Energies (26)
10 Fire
12 Grass
4 Double Colorless

As you can see, the Energy is still kinda low for a discarding deck, but with
the two Stage 2s, you don't have enough room for more.  The retrievals should
help you there, though.  The trainers are fairly low too, and I'd suggest
adding more if you find something to take out.  This was a tough one and
isn't perfect, but then again most Charizard decks aren't.  See what you can
do with it.
                                            ~ Souper ~