Hello, this is my Haymaker deck.  I think it probably could be alittle
better, and I need help.  Well, here is the deck:

Pokčmon  (12)
4 Scyther
3 Promo Mewtwo
3 Electabuzz
2 Mr. Mime

Trainers  (28)
3 Computer Search
3 Item Finder
3 Professor Oak
3 Bill
3 Super Energy Removal
3 Energy Removal
3 Scoop Up
3 Gust of Wind
4 PlusPower

Energy  (20)
4 Double Colorless
10 Psychic
6 Lightning

It has the same goal as any other Haymakers, take out your oponent fast!! 
First, my deck had Hitmonchans instead of Promo Mewtwo, but then as Scythers
got more, and more popular I took them out for the Fossil Magmar.  They
didn't really work for me, and there attacks just weren't doing enough
damage.  So I was looking through my cards and then I rememberes Promo
Mewtwo.  He is just awsome!  Good attack and Energy Absortion lets him
handle ER and SER better.  I played with him in a tourney today, and he just
kicks butt... well please tell me any suggestion you have, thanks!
Hmm.  I like the Pokémon mix here.  The only problems with that is
Electabuzz's weakness to Hitmonchan and the fact that, because of his low HP
and the popularity of 10-20 damage dealing Haymakers, Mr. Mime doesn't really
fit here.  Take out the Mr. Mime and add two Jynx in his place.  Many people
overlook this card, but it can be very nice when you get Meditate built up. 
With the popularity of Fossil Magmar, you need to be more careful with
Scythers.  I'd take out a Scyther and add one more Mewtwo.  The last thought
is the Electabuzz.  Under normal circumstances I'd replace them with Fossil
Magmar because of his fighting weakness, but you say you normally play
raindance.  Bad for Magmar and good for 'Buzz.  I'll keep 'Buzz in now, but
if you have problems with Hitmonchan or Scyther, switch to Magmar.  That
should do it for the Pokémon, let's move on to Trainers and Energy.  Even
with the low costs and Mewtwo's Energy retreiving attack, you're still a
little low.  You need more room and you'll have to drop some Trainers here. 
Take out the Itemfinders and make the GOWs and Scoop Ups two of each.  Add
three Lightning Energy, a Bill, and an Energy Removal to finish it.  Here it

Pokémon  (12)
3 Scyther
4 Promo Mewtwo
3 Electabuzz (Could be switched with Magmar)
2 Jynx

Trainers  (25)
3 Computer Search
3 Professor Oak
4 Bill
3 Super Energy Removal
4 Energy Removal
2 Scoop Up
2 Gust of Wind
4 PlusPower

Energy  (23)
4 Double Colorless
10 Psychic
9 Lightning

    The Energy is still pretty low, but 'Buzz doesn't use much and Mewtwo can
recycle his.  So, try 'er out.  Hopefully this improved it.