Hi, can you please help me with my deck.  I think it is pretty good, but
it could use a little work.  Take a look and e-mail me at plants85@rcn.com,
tell me what you think:

Thunder Rage

2x Pikachu (1 movie, 1 jungle)
2x Raichu (both original)
2x Zapdos (both original)
1x Zapdos (fossil)
2x Aerodactyl

22x electric
6x water
4x double colorless

4x potion
4x switch
4x bill
2x mysterious fossil
2x defender
2x revive
1x Pokemon trader

    I would start by evolving the Pikachu's into Raichu's, then I would use
Aerodactyl's Pokemon power to stop eveloution.  I would battle using one of
the Raichu's, and two Zapdos.  The other Zapdos and Raichu I would save
incase a really big hitter came in.  I would use Raichu's Agility against Mr.
Mime decks, so Mr. Mime would take 20 damage and Raichu has a chance of
taking none on Mr. Mime's turn.  Aerodactyl I have for the pupose of it's
Pokemon power, I don't plan to use them unless that is all I have left.  I
would use Zapdos' Thunder until he is very low on hit points, then as a final
blow I would use a Thunderbolt.  I would use fossil Zapdos in case there is a
big hitter on the opponent's bench, that way when it comes in it will already
have it points.  The deck, though, is centered around the Raichu's.  I would
mainly use Agility (I know that is running a risk), then once in a while I
would use a Thunder attack.  If Raichu takes damage I would use a  potion to
take some damage off.  If a Raichu is knocked out I would use a revive (Even
if it only gains 1/2 HP back I don't see why everyone thinks it is so bad). 
I would use the water energy and the switches to get Pokemon on/off the
bench, so I don't have to discard electric energy.  That is about it, thanks
for taking a look and please e-mail me back, thank you! 
I've noticed mono-electric can be weak, but I'll see what I can do.  The
problem with electric is there aren't many good cards.  first, take out all
the zapdoses, the basic is just horrible and the fossil is hard to use unless
you make it the main attacker, and that's still hard to do because of its
high energy cost and the fact it hurts itself.  Now to fix the raichu line. 
I haven't really tried the new pikachu yet, but I don't really like it- too
much like zapdos, and really kills your energy.  I'd take it out and add
three more jungle and another original raichu, making the line 4/3, since
he's your main attacker.  Water energy?!?  Wouldn't it make more sense to
have functional energy in there, since any energy can fulfill retreat costs? 
22 is fine anyway though, so take out those water and add four basic
electabuzz (hopefully no one would consider switching to promo anyway).  It
could use one more family, but I'm not sure what yet, so let's head to the
trainers.  The reason revive is so bad is because of the half-HP and that it
only works on BASICS, so no reviving raichu.  Potions don't help enough to
make up for the space they take up, those can go.  Same with defender, too. 
Add one more fossil for the aerodactyl, which you might take out if it seems
to interfere with raichu too much.  Add three prof.s for some card drawing
and drop the trader in favor of two com search.  Drop a switch and add three
gust-o-wind.  That should do for trainers, finish the pokémon with three
scyther.  Here it is-

Pokémon (16)
4x Pikachu (jungle)
3x Raichu (both original)
4x Electabuzz
3x Scyther
2x Aerodactyl

Energy (26)
22x Electric
4x Double Colorless

Trainers (18)
3x Switch
3x GOW
4x Bill
3x Prof. Oak
3x Mysterious Fossil
2x Com. Search

It overall seems to have fairly low damage, since electric doesn't really
deal much, and I'd consider adding a stronger type.  But for a mono electric,
it is more balanced and looks fairly solid.  You'll have problems VS
haymaker, since you're weak to hitmonchan, with scyther weak to magmar and
aerodactyl weak to scyther.  But, then again, most decks have problems with
                                        Good luck,