If you could just review this deck I'm thinking of building, I'd be so happy
I'd jump over the moon. Well, maybe not that far, but far. Ah well. Here's
the deck.

4 Nidoran male
4 Nidoran female
1 Nidorino
4 Nidoking
1 Nidorina
4 Nidoqueen
3 Chansey
--21 Pokemon--
4 ER
3 Prof. Oak
4 Pokemon Breeder
--15 Trainers--
22 Grass Energy
--24 Energy--
TOTAL 60 (or thereabouts) CARDS

Aim: To get as many Nidokings out, with a Nidoqueen as main hitter, and
Nidoking's Toxic as backup. THat's all. Easy, ain't it? By the way, I am NOT
putting in Scythers or Pinsir's in...they suck. The only good part about
Scyther is that he's got a 0 retreat, higher than average HP, and a res. to
fighting. That might make him sound incredibly good, but hbis attacks' simply
suck. 3 energy, 30 damage. WOW!! POWERFUL STUFF THERE< NINJA!

Must not have played a haymaker recently...  I could go on about how good
scyther can be, especially in a grass deck, but I doubt it would do any good.
Anyway, predjudices aside, let's see the deck.  First thing, take out the
nidoqueen.  It's best attack is the same as nidorino's and the only good part
of the first attack is the low energy cost, which I don't think is worth an
extra stage two...  It does 40 with two stage twos on the board, 60 if you
manage 2 Kings and the queen.  Pretty tough against a good deck.  Nidoking's
toxic is in my opinion one of the best attacks in the game.  40 at the
attack, 60 by your next turn.  And it doesn't rely on other cards in play,
which makes it more reliable.  This will leave some space open and speed up
the deck, with only one stage two to deal with.  I assume the chansey are to
stall while you build up the evolution families, or if you get stuck, but I
think it could use a little more attacking force to back up the King.  There
aren't too many great stage 1 grass families, I'd add two venomoth and three
venonat.  The attack seems low at first, but with the power, poison, and
confusion you really screw up your opponent.  Add two Kangaskhan too, these
are good all-around pokémon, they draw cards, stall, and can attack when
necessary.  You need to be careful about the retreat cost, though.  Now
onward to the trainers.  Very heavy energy removal, and could use some bills.
The breeders seem unnecessary, too.  They are useful either when you have
several different stage twos, or when you need to evolve very quickly, like
raindance.  So take them out add four Bills.  The energy removal idea is
always good, but 4 supers is a little heavy, since you already have fairly
low energy anyway.  Grass doesn't take much, but the removals take one of
your own and you don't want to get too low.  so take out two removals and add
three gust of wind.  I guess drop a chansey too, the stall is a little heavy
with the khans and chanseys.  Add two com. search.  Lastly, to fix the
Nidoking family.  Without the breeders, make it 4/3/2. 
Pokémon (18)           
4 Nidoran male               
3 Nidorino
2 Nidoking
3 Venomoth
2 Venonat
2 Kangaskhan
2 Chansey

Trainers (18)
4 ER
3 Prof. Oak
4 Bills
2 Com. Search

Energy (24)
22 Grass Energy

There it is.  A bit more balanced, though it could use some scyther... 
Anyway, mess with it, try it out.  Nidoking's toxic is probably your best
attack, and the others can pitch in too.  And, beware those scyther...