I am wondering if i should make any
changes in my deck here take a look.

1 scyther
1 pinsir
1 muk
4 grimer
1 beedrill
2 kakuna
4 weedle
1 venusaur
2 ivysaur
4 bulbasaur
4 koffing
24 grass energy
2 professor oak
2 super potion
3 energy search
2 potion
2 switch

This deck I named it poison power cause thats just what it is.
my strategy is to use weedle, kakuna, beedrill, ivysaur, muk,
and koffing to poison the opponents pokemon.
the reason I do this is since most people are using haymaker they often
blow right past there turn so quick. I poison them so the longer they fight
the more they get damaged. this deck almost always kills haymaker.
the only deck I have problems with are mr.mime decks. this deck that
I  made has only lost twice.
could you give me some ideas so i can play you know like tell me what cards
to add and what cards to remove please reply soon. thanks for listening to
Almost always kills haymaker?  Hmm.  Well, the Idea is okay, but the families
need some work.  You have several singles in there and that is normally bad,
especially if its an integral part of the deck.  You should also drop some
pokémon for trainers.  So let's start with the pokemon.  The first thing I
notice is that muk clashes with venusaur.  You're going to have to choose
between muk and venusaur, and I'd personally go with venusaur.  His power is
very nice, and especially benefits an all-grass deck.  So remove the muk and
grimers, leaving five spaces.  I don't think the pinsir really fits either. 
You only have one anyway, and he has fairly high energy costs to deal damage.
With the high usage of fossil magmar, he won't live long either.  The
beedrill line is nice, but I think nidoking will work better here.  He is
sure to poison and has higher HP.  Also, fire is played more often then
psychic, usually magmar, and he can take out a weedle pretty quick.  The only
downside is the fighting resistance and low retreat cost are dropped too. 
With the 6 open slots, let's fix the families.  make the beedrill family the
nidoking family with a ratio of 4/3/2.  Add 1 venusaur and 1 ivysaur. 
Koffing are fairly good, but they lack HP and take two turns to energy up. 
I'd take them out and add two and add two kangaskhan and a scyther.  The
energy are ok, maybe a couple DCE, I'll get back to that.  Now the trainers. 
First, the potions and supers have to go, they don't help enough for the
space they take up.  I don't think the energy search are necessary either,
because they don't make sense.  All you have is grass energy, so why not just
put in more energy instead of searches.  That would be more efficient anyway,
with search, two cards are envolved in one energy.  So take them out, but I
think you have enough grass anyway.  Maybe some DCE, but I'll come back to
that.  Trainers first.  Bill is what you need next, four bill.  This card is
broken in almost any deck, with the exception of stall.  Throw in another
prof. oak, too.  Speed is essential, especially for decks with heavy
evolution.  You have five slots left, I'd suggest three gust of wind and two
DCE (finally).  Other than the lack of ER, that should do it.  Let's take a
Pokémon (22)
2 scyther
2 nidoking
3 nidorino
4 nidoran
2 venusaur
3 ivysaur
4 bulbasaur
2 kangaskhan

Energy (26)
24 grass energy

Trainers (12)
3 professor oak
2 switch
4 bill

Like I said, Removals would be nice, but not enuff room.  If they seem
necessary, take something out that doesn't seem important adn add 4 ER and
2-3 SER.  The khans help card drawing and stall while you build up your
evolutions.  once venusaur comes into play you can controll the energy on the
board.  Play it and see how it works.

                                            For a change of pace...
                                            Souper, signing off.