Hey man how are you? Welcome to being a mechanic and congrats! I would like u
to check out my deck and possible make some suggestions if u can. Thanks and
my current record is 28 wins 7 losses.

Psychic Lockdown

4 Abras
4 Kadabras
3 Alakazams
2 Mr.Mime
4 Chansey
2 Ghastlys(Fossil)
2 Promo Mewtwo
2 Aerodactyl
4 Energy Removal
2 Computer Search
1 Pokemon Breeder
4 Super Energy Removals
2 Mysterious Fossils
2 Defenders
4 Double Colorless Energy
16 Psychic Energy

I think that is all thanks lots!
This deck has potential, it has a lot of "mess up your opponent" cards, which
is always good.  I see some things I'd change, though.  16 basic energy is a
little low even for psychic.  I assume the gastly are for retrieving energy,
and the mewtwo will help there too, but you need a few more.  Also, the
aerodactyl counter the alakazam, so some changes might be made there.  You're
two cards short too (I wonder why I get so many of these?), so you can add
two psychic energy.
Normally I make stage two families 4/3/2, but since Alakazam is a major part
of the deck, 4/4/3 should work.  As I said before, I assume the gastly are
for energy, but they don't do much else other than that.  Energy retrievals
would probably be more efficient, so take out the two gastly and add 2
retreivals.  I'd probably add one or two more promo mewtwos, but I'll get
back to that if you have enough room.  I'm not sure about the aerodactyl,
they work at cross purposes with alakazam.  For either to reach their
potential, they should get out early in the game, especially aerodactyl.  But
alakazam has to get out first, which could take a while, and aerodactyl might
not get much usefulness.  But even if it comes out in the middle of the game,
your opponent must constantly replace his pokemon as they fall.  So if you
want to keep him, which could be a help or a hindrance, I'd add scoop ups. 
If you for some reason have to play aero before alakazam, you can scoop him
up when neccessary.  Or if they're both out and kazam gets killed, you can
scoop up aerodactyl and evolve another.  He might have to go to make room for
other cards, though.  On to the trainers.  I don't think the breeder is
neccessary, you have a lot of kadabras.  I'd take the super energy removals
down to three too, you discard one for each of them and you're low as it is. 
I'd take out the defenders, too.  They are only helpful in a situation where
you delay a kill for one turn, such as a scyther attacking an aerodactyl, a
defender gives it one more turn.  But, you have to get lucky and they don't
help that much, like potions.  Add three scoop ups and another promo mewtwo. 
The last thing I'd add is a few gust of wind.  The only use for the double
colorless energy is chansey, aerodactyl, and retreat purposes.  Chansey
seldom attacks and aero is in (I assume) mainly for his pokepower, and other
than alakazam, most of these have fairly low retreat.  With the retrievals, 2
should be enough, take out two double colorless and add two gust of wind. 
Here it is-

Pokémon (22)
4 Abras
4 Kadabras
3 Alakazams
2 Mr.Mime
4 Chansey
3 Promo Mewtwo
2 Aerodactyl

Trainers (18)
4 Energy Removal
2 Computer Search
3 Super Energy Removals
2 Mysterious Fossils
2 Energy Retrievals
3 Scoop Ups
2 Gust of Wind

Energy (20)
2 Double Colorless Energy
18 Psychic Energy

Lotsa talk, not many changes.  I don't use psychic much so it might suck, but
It looks pretty good to me.  The scoop ups also greatly benefit the chansey. 
The problem I still see is lack of high damage pokemon, making for a slow
game.  Promo mewtwo is probably your best attacker and can build up fast. 
You might consider adding jynx or pokecenter.  Try it out, see how it works.
                                Good luck,
                                    Souper (anyone else see a trend here?)