SATOSHI: <looks up from front counter> Well, we have a customer! Welcome to
SATOSHI's Shop. Anything I can help ya with?

>>hi Satoshi here is my deck: it is called ShockTherapy

2x alakazam
3x kadabra
4x abra
3x mr. mime
3x chansey
2x doduo
2x dodrio
2x electabuzz

12x psi
5x electric

2x comp search
4x GOW
4x er
3x item finder
3x gambler
4x pokecenter
2x scoop up

The overall deck is basically stall. Alkazam for damage swap. Mr mime to
block the big strong pokemon. Chansey scrunch. Dodrio is for retreat aid so
Chansey and Mr. Mime can retrat freely. Whoa, that is scarry Chansey and Mr.
retrating freely. Pokecenter to heal all damaged pokemon. Gambler to keep my
deck alive just incase I start to run out of card I can put them back in my
deck. Item finder to use items over again, and Comp. Search to get the Abra
family out early, Chanset and Mr. Mime too. I would appreciate it if you
me some strategies bout my deck and rate its over all.

SATOSHI: No, problemo. starting with the pokemon, like always. Well, this
looks like a farily well constructed deck. Nice job. =) You said your basic
deck idea is to stall. One of the most powerful deck ideas out in the
tournament scene now. Scary stuff. ;) let's get to work.
Hmmm...looks like you've got the right idea when it come to pokemon. Nice.
Still, there is a few things I could recommend. First, drop the buzzes
altogether. In their places, I would add two double colorless energy for
chansey. We want scrunch up and running the first turn! Now, Chansey and Mr.
Mime retreating for nothing is scarry, but here's something scarrier:
MOLTRES!!! I think that if you removed the doduo family, two moltres and 2
fire energy would go great! Now, we can turn the five electric energy from
electabuzz to five more fire. Don't worry, we'll find more energy
inclusions. =)
Now, the trainers. Gambler is a good idea, and a must for any stall deck.
Pokecenters and scoop ups are fine, but the energy removals seem out of
place. Let's turn 'em into 4 more fire energy. Since this isn't a fierce
deck, let's turn the gusts into 2 fire and two psychic energy as well.
There. Let's see:

14 psychic
16 fire energy

4 abra
3 kadabra
2 alakazam
3 mr. mime
3 chansey
2 moltres

2 computer search
3 itemfinder
3 gambler
4 pokemon center
2 scoop up

SATOSHI: Well, we have a problem. I just counted up your original deck, and
you started with 65 cards. We made up for 2 somewhere along the line, but
we're still three cards over. So, I'm gonna remove three fire energy, okay?
There. That makes the energy count 14 psychic and 13 fire. Great. Good Luck
and Happy Gaming!!

P.S.- You asked me to rate this deck, so I give it and 8 out of 10. Some
parts needed more work that others, but I think we've got a solid deck now.
Good job. ;)