SATOSHI:'s a raindance variant that I really like:
Ok here is my deck polar vortex!Its a rain dance deck based around of
course blastoise and articuno,lapras because of those dreaded
mr.mime(thinks errrrr those make me mad with there happy faces you know
what i would like to do to them get a rocket and some rope...woh!!  errr
ahem in a nother subject...)Oh well you know rain dance stradgey pump up
pokemon like articuno HES THE HAYMAKER KILLA!=) My deck does very good
but still i wanna tune it ok heres my deck

4xsquirtle(here to evolve but bubble is fun!)
3xblastoise(brains of the operatioN)
3xlapras(mr.mime killer i hate him and id like to..)

4xpokemon breeder
3xcomputer search
3xgust of wind
2xpluspower!(he he he)

27xwater energie!

(loads deck in capsule and send it to the pokemon space station)

Dane Olson
SATOSHI: Well, he sent this deck to the space station. Since I left my
droid, Matrix, on board, let's call him and have him deliver it to us, 'K?

<<walks out from behind front counter, tilts a picture of a blastoise
hanging on a wall, which opens a passage in the wall>>

SATOSHI: This, all you poke-people, is the secret space station control
center.<<thinks for aminute, then slaps his head>> D'oh! I guess it's not
secret anymore...oh well. Time to call Matrix.

<<steps up to control panel, press buttons and truns knobs; a large TV
monitor lowers from the ceiling and a floating robot appears on it>>

MATRIX: Hello, Pokemon Space Station. Matrix speaking.

SATOSHI: Hey, Matrix! You guys up there get a deck this morning?

MATRIX: SATOSHI! Good to see ya! Yeah, we got a deck called Polar Vortex.

SATOSHI: We need it. Send it to us.

<<Matrix nods and the TV monitor winks off. A platforn near the control
panel glows, and the deck Polar Vortex appears.>>

SATOSHI: Hmmm...nice. Very nice. Anywho, onto fixing it. There's really not
muchto do. The only thing I could suggset is to take out two water energies
to put in two more pluspower. Good Job. In fact, such a good job that I'm
gonna induct you into the SATOSHI's Shop Hall Of Fame! Congrats!!  Well,
it's time for me to sign off. Good Luck and Happy Gaming!!