SATOSHI: *yawn* Well, I guess it's time to open up shop. <flips over
open/closed sign on door> SATOSHI's Shop is now open for business!
Hi, Satoshi!

My "Running Amuk" deck:

Energy - 23
7 Grass
6 Psychic
6 Lightning
4 Double Colorless

Pokemon - 17
3 Grimer
2 Muk
3 Scyther
3 Electabuzz
2 Mewtwo (Promo)
1 Jynx
1 Kangaskhan
2 Ponyta

Trainers - 21
3 Bill
2 Prof. Oak
2 Gust of Wind
3 Energy Removal
2 Super Energy Removal
3 Energy Retrieval
1 Energy Search
1 Item Finder
2 Computer Search
2 Scoop Up

My overall strategy is along a Potpourri line to hit their various Pokemon
hard and quick.  The metagame in this area seems to be Rain Dance, so I also
want to muck up those opponent's plans and Pokemon Powers with Muk (of
course) and Energy Removal. Ponyta is in to help control Scyther and Mr.
Mime, and Kangaskhan for his card-drawing and resistance to Psychic.  I have
enough resources to get additional cards if necessary, and I would
your review/help on my overall strategy and my Trainer selection (for
instance, should I try to squeeze in a couple of Plus Powers?).  My last
changes to the deck were to take out an Abra/Kadabra line and put in 'Buzz
and the Promo Mewtwos to go more to the Potpourri effect.  I am trying now
get another Movie Promo Mewtwo to replace the last Jynx, or would the new
card be better?.  Thanks very much!

SATOSHI: Well, nice to start the day with a good deck. Very nice. ;) Anyway,
the pokemon look okay, but I would definitely get another promo mewtwo to
replace the lone jynx. That kangaskahn deserves a partner, so get another in
place of the energy search. In this deck, pluspowers would definitely do you
good. However, there's really nothing I could take out that doesn't benefit
this deck, so I'll leave that up to you, Mik. I would, however, recommend
removing the lone itemfinder in place of a third gust; only one really
doesn't help nowadays. However, this deck looks pretty solid without any
changes. Overall, very good job on your deck. =)
The creatror of this deck did what is called "metagaming," which basically
means finding out what the favorite color around your area is and then
making a deck(or modifying an old deck) to better combat that particular
color. He said that in his area, raindance is the popular deck, so water
would be the popular color. (smart area =)) Since randance decks mostly rely
on blastoise's "raindance" pokemon power, Mik included the grimer/muk
family, which stops the "raindance" power, and, eventually, the entire deck.
He also has three elctabuzz, which really help this deck. Metagaming can
really give you a boost in the tournament scene, and I'm sure all the
mechanics here at would strongly recommend it. The metagame around
my area seems to fire, so I'll use a raindance next tournament. Well, I'm
gonna get off my soapbox(spike isn't the only one to have a soapbox) and
wish you all Good Luck and Happy Gaming!