SATOSHI: Here's yet another original deck that came my way....

>>Hey Satoshi! I need some deck help. My deck is pretty lethal, it is 28-1
has won a tourny already. It isn't a normal staller like most decks are, it
is basically the hit and run mission. A Pokemon hits pretty hard, you
him, send out another one to do the job. I have never had a problem with
dance and Mewtwo (promo) alon kills off most Haymakers because they PLay
Hitmonchan/lee. Well, here it is, I was jsut wondering if there was any way
to improve it somehow.
"Psychic Blast"

Pokemon (14)

4 Gastly
3 Gengar
3 Kangaskhan
2 Movie Mewtwo
2 Mr.Mime

Trainer (27)
4 Bill
3 Professor Oak
4 Computer Search
4 Pokemon Breeder
4 Energy Removal
3 Gust of Wind
3 Scoop Up
2 Itemfinder

19 Psy Energy

I have had much help from many different TCG players and this deck went from
a Gengatuff deck to this! I have finally produced this product which is an
overall good deck. Mewtwo is my Haymaker fast hitter, Mr.Mime is my "Take
care of Rain Dance because no one else can handle the job" pokemon. Gengar
is, you guessed it, my bench destroyer. He sits on the bench and is
devastating. Then there's the heart of my deck, Kangaskhan. I would have
so many games had Chansey been there instead of Kangaskhan. One word, fetch.
I have gotten all the cards I needed by turn 5 or 6 because of him.
Itemfinder, Computer Search, Bill and Oak are the best searching engine in
the game. I just wanted to know if there was any way to improve this deck
before I take it to another tourny. Thanks!
SATOSHI: Wow. This DOES look pretty lethal.(ummm...those gastlys are fossil,
right. They should be.) Still, there is one way to improve it.I'd take out
one scoop up and put in a third promo mewtwo. That "broken card" (according
to people that can't  handle it) is a great late-to-mid-game attacker. Very
nice job on your deck. Blastoise...?
BLASTOISE: Blas.[thank you] Blas, toise, Blas blas toise! Blas![this deckis
now the third deck to be admitted to the SATOSHI's Shop Hall Of Fame!
SATOSHI: Thank you, blastoise.
You know, I think psychic decks are among the "elite colors." What do I
mean by that? I mean psychic is one of the colors that can hold its own in a
mono-deck. Along with water, these types are among the strongest. (IN MY