SATOSHI: Hey, I'm back and ready to roll! Heeeere we go!

Ok, my Haymaker...

Fighting x9 ------->Never have much energy probs, unless its a long game
Lightning x8------->same as ^
DCE x4

Hitmonchan x3
Electabuzz x3
Scyther x2
(I'm not really sure what other Basics are good in here. I tried with Ditto
and Hitmonlee, but not as quick)

ER x3
SER x3
Lass x1(in case they Oak)
Prof. Oak x4
Gambler x1(in case of a staller, i wait and use gambler at the near end)
Scoop-Up x2
Gust of Wind x4
Defender x2
PlusPower x4
Computer Search x2
Switch x4
Pokémon Center x1(for emergencies)

I have tried and tried playtesting. My energy seems to feel right, and the
absence of Bill is just to make sure I don't deck myself in long games. You
are thinking I'm crazy about not self-decking with 4 Oak, but they are just
contingency. I only plan to Oak once or twice.Thanks for any help you can
give me.
SATOSHI: Well, I see a few things to fix. First off, Your pokemon. To lessen
the risk of having no basics, I'll add in two scyther in place of the
defenders. We don't really need to defend the pokemon in here, as they can
all hold their own. Now, onto trainers.
This is where we need to clean up. I noticed the lass is here "in case they
oak." Not a good thing. This type of deck really relies on trainers, so
that's not a good idea. I'm gonna take out lass and one oak. Sorry, but you
said yourself that you only plan to oak once or twice. I'm also gonna take
out the pokemon center for another gambler. With as much energy as you have,
you don't want to have to discard ANY of it. So, back to the lass and one
oak. In their places, I'm gonna add two more fighting energies. Not that I
don't believe you, it just seems a little tight. Anyway, let's have a

11 fighting energy
8 electric energy

3 hitmonchan
3 electabuzz
4 scyther

3 energy removal
3 super energy removal
3 professor oak
2 gambler
2 scoop up
4 gust of wind
4 pluspower
2 computer search
4 switch

SATOSHI: Hey, looks good, doncha think? See yal later!