SATOSHI: Hey, pokepeople! Week two of SATOSHI's Shop is now going to
begin!!! Here's the deck for today! Let's take a look:
24 water energy

4 Magikarp
4 Gyrados
4 Squirtle
1 Wartortle
3 Blastoise
3 Chansey
2 Arcticuno

3 Professor Oak
2 Computer Search
3 Super Energy Removal
2 Switch
2 Energy Removal

        To tell you the truth i don't have all these cards yet but i have
almost all of them.  And i have borrowed peoples cards to make this deck
temporarily and i seemed to work very well.  But i feel it needs some work,
thanx for the advice.


SATOSHI: Hmmmm...looki' good, Josh my man. =) Still, there are a few things
I'd like to fix up. Here we go!
First, I'll have to recommend getting rid of the chanseys. They're good
stallers, but stalling doesn't seem to have a place in this deck. In their
place, we'll add in three bill. Both bill and professor oak are a must-have
for any raindance deck. For some reason, four gyarados seems a bit much, but
since you didn't report any poke-problems, I'll spare them. Lookin' good.
moving right along....
ACK! Oh, no no no no! I don't see any pokemon breeders!! With one wartortle
and three blastoise, that is a BAD thing. So, let's take out the three super
energy removals in favor of three pokemon breeders. Energy removal is nice,
but you'll be splahin' the opponent pretty hard with pure, that they aren't necessary. With that said, I think
I'll remove the two energy removals in place of two articuno. This'll help
your basic pokemon ratio. There. Energy looks okay, so let's take a look:

24 water energy

4 magikarp
4 gyarados
4 squirtle
1 wartortle
3 blastoise
4 articuno

3 bill
3 professor oak
2 computer search
2 switch
3 pokemon breeder

SATOSHI: Well, we were shy three cards to begin with. This is auctually a
good thing, as the basic pokemon were a little on the low side. With the
three spaces, I'll add in two lapras and another water energy, making the
energy a nice, round 25. That should make this deck a formidible opponent on
the tournament scene. Good Luck and Happy Gaming!!