SATOSHI: Well, here's the next deck on the chopping block. Let's get to
work, shall we?

>>hi my name is **** **** and my deck type is Grass and Psychic and Fighting
and my deck always loses please fix it

9 psychic energy
7 grass energy
7 fighting energy
3 double colorless
4 bills
1 gambler
1 super potion
1 clefairy doll
1 computer serch
1 proffessor oak
1 scoop up
2 kangaskhan
1 clefairy
1 chansey
1 hitmonlee
1 hitmonchan
1 clefable
4 gastly
2 haunters
1 muk
1  mewtwo
1 mr mime
1 jynx
2 venonats
1 venomoth
2 grimers

SATOSHI: Oh, man!! We gotta get moving, 'cause this deck needs an
OVERHAUL!!! Quick! In to the Deck Operating Room!!<<dons a doctor's smok,
gloves, and a face mask>> Hurry! Get the patient into the O.R.!

<<SATOSHI stands in a dark room with a surgical light; the deck is hooked up
to machines, and a heart monitor can be heard in the background>>

SATOSHI:Pokemon need the most help for now. WAYYYY too many singles. First,
let's knock out one of the types. I think I'm gonna knock out the fighting
type this time. Now, onto the pokeon themselves. With the fighting type
deleted, we have nine open spaces. That's good, 'cause we're gonna need 'em
all. First, let's add two more mr. mimes. Invisible wall rules, and meditate
isn't too shabby, either. Your gastly family looks great, but make sure
they're all fossil ghosts, 'kay? On second thought, I'm gonna add in another
haunter(fossil, of course). Now, add in five more psychic energy, leaving us
with one more extra space. I'll use it later. Before we move n to the grass
types, remove the lone jynx and add another mewtwo. Make sure both mewtwos
are the movie promo kind. Now, onto the grass types.
Oh, dear. This isn't looking good. I just looked at your colorless pokemon,
and am very worried. For now, I am going to remove all of the colorless.
They seem to have been put in without any strategy, so I don't think it will
matter. Let's see...counting the left over spot from the fighting pokemon,
we now have six spaces to fill. That's great. Unfortunately, I'm gonna have
to remove the grimer family. Muk, because of his pokemon power, doesn't mix
well with mr. mime. There...that's nine spaces now. Okay, I'm adding in
three scyther here, so there's part of your power source. Gotta love the
big, green bug guy. Now, that's six spaces again. I think I'm also adding
three pinsir, scyther's other half(I'm referring to the video game; you can
catch scyther in red, and pinsir in blue.) Now, as for the venonat
family...they sorta stink. BAD. Venom powder is okay, but not that good. Now
we're back up to six spaces again. know, I'm almost tempted to
add in a few bulbasaur and ivysaur, but they're kinda grass energy reliant.
And grass energy is something we don't have alot of in this deck. So, with
six spots left, I'm going back to the psychic family.
Still six spaces....I think I'll add 3-2 abra/kadabra here and move onto
the trainers. Yeah, that'll work. Trainer time.
YIKES!!! There are a lot of problems here, people! Luckily, we still
have...*gulp* Oh, man!! Okay, let's set some
things straight here. First, clefairy doll is a pretty much useless card(I
said PRETTY much usless! Don't hate-mail me telling me it's few uses!). So,
along with gambler, scoop up, and the super potion, clefairy doll leaves.
That's five spaces we have now. In for those, I'll put one professor oak,
one computer search, and three pluspower. The four bills stay.
*WHEW*...Let's check up on the patient, shall we?

14 psychic energy
7 grass energy
3 double colorless energy

3 scyther
3 pinsir

4 gastly(fossil)
3 haunter(fossil
2 gengar(fossil)
3 mr. mime
2 mewtwo(movie promo)
3 abra
2 kadabra

4 bill
2 professor oak
2 computer search
3 pluspower

SATOSHI: Well, your deck should be fine now. Just play test it to see what
doesn't work. <<removes doctor's gear>> Whew! What a work out! Later, guys!
Good Luck and Happy Gaming!