SATOSHI:<<looks up from front desk>> Next in line, please!

>>STATEGY- The strategy is basically the same as any other raindance, power
blastoise and raindance to victory with Articuno and Poliwrath to keep away
those electric pests.

Pokemon (17)
  3 Squirtle    (evolution)
  1 Warturtle   (ditto)
  1 Blastoise   (rain dance & useful pump)
  2 Lapras      (mr. mime)
  3 Articuno    (good attacks, no weakness)
  3 Poliwag     (evolution)
  1 Poliwhirl   (ditto)
  1 Poliwrath   (not weak to electricity and descent attacks)
  2 Kangaskhaun (card drawer and quick comet punches with rain dance)

Trainer (18)
  2 Pokemon Breeder (use for poliwrath or Blastoise)
  2 Computer Search (get blastoise or needed pokemon)
  4 Bill            (self-explanatory)
  3 Professor Oak   (every good rain dance has 'em)
  3 Energy Removal  (keep opponent from powering up)
  2 Gust of Wind    (pull out unevolved pokemon)
  2 Switch          (bring back high retreat pokemon)

Energy (25)
  25 Water Energy

Whew. I've done my part; I hope this earns a return!!
SATOSHI: Hmmm...a water deck. Looks like I'm gonna need someone with some
experience in the water field....<<unclips pokeball from belt>> BLASTOISE!!

BLASTOISE:<<emerges from pokeball rubbing his eyes>> Blas! Blas, Toise![Hey!
I was sleepin'!]

SATOSHI: Sorry, buddy. Everyone, meet my Blastoise. Blastoise, meet
everyone. Okay, enough formalities, onto the deck. Blastoise...?

BLASTOISE: Blas, Blas, Toise. Blas Blastoise.[Well, to tell the truth, this
looks like a raindance deck gone horribly wrong. We're gonna need to decide
which major family to keep. The poliwag family, or the squirtle family.]

SATOSHI: Right. So, let's delete the poliwag family. With the five spaces it
opens, I'm gonna add in another squirtle, two more blastoise, an articuno
and a lapras. Now, it sounds like he rain dances water energy onto
kangaskahn and comet punches. This is illegal. Kangaskahn is NOT a water
pokemon. So out with the kangaskahn. With those two spaces, I'll add in
another wartortle and a forth lapras. Onto trainers. Blastoise...?

BLASTOISE: Blas. Blastoise. Blas Blas Tosie. [forget it. I'm gonna go get a
snack. See ya later.]
<<stomps of into supply room. Soon, loud crunching can be heard.>>

SATOSHI: Oh, well, okay. I'LL do the trainers. Everything looks okay, 'cept
for the switches. I'd take those out in favor of another pokemon breeder and
a third gust of wind. Well, that about does it. Let's see:

25 water energy

4 squirtle
2 wartortle
3 blastoise
4 lapras
4 articuno

3 pokemon breeder
2 computer search
4 bill
3 professor oak
3 energy removal
3 gust of wind

SATOSHI: Okay, lookin' good. I guess that's all for-<<loud burp comes from
supply room>>-uhh...all for now. See ya'll later! <<stomps into the supply
room mumbling something about "pokemon and cheetos">>