SATOSHI: Well, here's another customer! How can I help ya, sonny?

>>Hey Satoshi, its Brian and i have a deck that needs tweaking. Its called
Psycotic Thunder, and the main goal is to start crushing your opponent early
in the game with good basics, but in the mean time build up wigglytuff with
full bench to dish out 60 damage.  The mimes are also for late in the game.
The scyther and jiggly/wiggly are essential to vary types, so colorless
pokemon (chansey, clefable, etc.) cant screw me up too bad.  Also, if i can
get another movie promo mewtwo i will replace something else to squeeze it
. Lastly, i know gust of wind helps, but i cant find anything to take out.
So, without futher ado, Psycotic Thunder!

Pokemon: 15
1 Mewtwo (Movie Promo, this guy is great! i can get 1 more but it will take
while to trade for it) <<SATOSHI's Note: Finally, someone talks about promo
mewtwo without calling it broken!!>>
3 Electabuzz (all i have)
3 Mr. Mime (all i have)
3 Jiggly Puff
2 Wigglytuff (all i have)
3 Scyther

Energy: 24
13 Psi
9 Electric
2 Double colorless

Trainers: 21
3 Bill
3 Prof. Oak
2 Scoop up
3 Energy Removal
3 Super Energy Removal
3 Comp. Search
3 Plus Power
1 Item Finder (Wish i had more, but only got the one)
SATOSHI: Well, I have to say that this deck looks great. Very little to do
here. Still, here we go!
The pokemon look okay, 'cept for that little 'ol promo mewtwo. If you can
get another one, that'd be great. I think I'd take out one of the mr. mimes
to make room for a second promo mewtwo. All the other pokemon look fine to
The trainers look semi-good. However, I really don't think that only ONE
itemfinder would help in a deck like this. So, I'm gonna take it out. In its
place, I'll add a gust of wind. I'm also gonna take out one of the super
energy removals, and put in a second gust. For a third, I'm thinking about
removing a psychic energy. Mr. mime really only needs one psychic to
operate(the other energy can be any color), and promo mewtwo can absorb the
energy in the discard pile, so I think you'll be okay with only twelve
psychic energies. Also, three professor oaks is a bit many in my opinion, so
I'm gonna take one out for another DCE. Now, let's see what we've got here:

12 psychic energy
9 electric energy
3 double colorless energy

2 promo mewtwo
2 mr. mime
3 electabuzz
3 jigglypuff
2 wigglytuff
3 scyther

3 bill
2 professor oak
2 scoop up
3 energy removal
2 super energy removal
3 computer search
3 pluspower
3 gust of wind

SATOSHI: There...the third DCE will help to power up scyther and
jiggly/wiggly faster, while the 3 gusts can help to put some weaker pokemon
out of their misery. Hope this helps, Brain!! Later, poke dudes and