SATOSHI: Well, another interresting deck came my way; here it is!

>>Listed Here is my deck called " DARK MIND BOMB"

Psychic (21)

x3 Drowzee
x2 Hypno
x2 Gastly (Base)
x1 Gastly (Fossil)
x2 Haunter (Fossil)
x1 Haunter (Base)
x1 Gengar
x1 Promo Mew
x4 Abra
x3 Kadabra
x2 Alakazam

Grass (8)

x4 Exeggcute
x4 Exeggutor

Colorless (1)

x1 Ditto

Trainers (7)

x1 Pokemon Center
x3 Bill
x2 Gust of Wind

Energy (23)

x10 Grass
x13 Psychic

Total: 21+8+1+7+23=60

Please tell me of any changes i should make to make my deck better
SATOSHI: Again,  I can recommend a few things to help this deck.. Starting
with the pokes-
First, let's make sure ALL the ghosts are fossil. Basic haunter can't hold
a pokeball to its new counter part, and basic gastly...*cough*...well, if
you want to know about basic gastly, go look at Chimpmunk's old THRASHFEST
articles. Anyway, the ghosts. First change the basics into fossils. Now,
remove ditto to add another gengar, and mew can go in exchange for another
FOSSIL gastly. As for the drowzee family...I look at that lonely pokecenter
in your trainers, and I suspect you want a damage swap deck. So, what I'll
suggest is this: Delete the drowzee family. Sorry, but this'll make your
trainers fit better. Add three chansey in for the three drowzee, and 2 mr.
mime in for the two hypno. And I might suggest taking the egg family down to
4-2. A 4-4 family is a little eccentric. There. That looks better. Now, the
Hmmm...not many trainers. Since he didn't say anything about trainer
problems, I'll guess the numbers are okay. Since this is turning into a
stall deck, let's remove the two gusts and add in two more pokemon center.
As for the two empty spots from before, I'll add in two super energy removal
and trun the bills into regular energy removals. And while we're at it,
let's remove three grass energy in favor of three DCE for chansey's scrunch.
Looks okay now. Let's see:

10 grass energy
10 psychic energy

2 mr. mime
4 gastly(fossil)
3 haunter(fossil)
2 gengar(fossil)
4 abra
3 kadabra
2 alakazam

4 exeggcute
2 exeggcutor

3 chansey

3 pokemon center
3 energy removal
2 super energy removal

SATOSHI: Huh. That looks pretty good. You might run into some energy
troubles, so play as much as you can and see what needs to be fixed. Good
Luck and Happy Gaming!!