SATOSHI: Here's the next deck! Very interresting strategy on this one.... ;)

>>Nick writes:
Hey I think it is great that you became a deck mechanic !!!!!!! COOOL!!!!!
Anyway here is the report.


4 Chansey ( Main POKE )
4 Kangaskhan ( Sub-POKE )
4 Scyther ( Defense vs fighting )
4 Lapras ( For the dreaded Mr.Mime)


4 Defender
4 Super potion
4 Scoop up
4 Bill
4 Energy retrieval


4 Double colorless
20 Water

Strategy: Try to start with Lapras or Kangaskhan and then stall untill you
get Chansey . But if kangaskhan is not hurt too bad then you power him up to
attack . Sycther is strictly in there for defense vs. fighting .

The deck is good and fast I just need a little extra help on it for my
tourney coming up Thx.

SATOSHI: Hmmm...auctually, there's very little I can do here, Nick. The only
thing I can really suggest is to drop 3 or four water energies and add in
three or four pluspower(depending on how many energies you dropped) Great
Job =) With the four energy retrievals in here, you really don't need that
many water energies. Good Luck and Happy Gaming!