SATOSHI: Here we go again...!

>>Dear Satoshi I have a deck for you. I have tried it 10 times and it is
not doing so good. I was hoping you could tune it up. Here it is.

14-fire energy
1-gust of wind
1-enery retrieval
10-physic energy
1-devolution spray
1-super potion
SATOSHI: Well, I see your problem. But first, to anyone that is goning to
write to me, listen up. It's not their fault, but a few decks have come my
way that said "Dear Aaron." Again, it's not their fault, but my garage does
say that "Aaron is one of our new mechanics." It should say; "Satoshi is one
of our new mechanics." Just wanted to clear that up. Onto the deck.
I think I know why this deck doesn't work. Too many singles, not enough
energy. Let's trim this thing down a little. First, let's see what families
we want to keep. Hmmm...for fire I'm gonna keep the growlithe/arcanine and
charmander/meleon families. For psychic, I think I'll keep the abra/kadabra
and gastly/haunter/gengar families. Now that that's settled, we can get to
work. First, make sure that ALL your ghosts are fossil. Base gastly's only
use involves lighting barbeques, so take him out in favor of a second fossil
gastly. Anyway, you've got a 2-1-1 family for the ghosts, so let's start
there. I'll start by removing the drowzee and hypno and adding in another
two fossil gastlys. Now, remove the slopokes and add in one more psychic
energy and another fossil haunter. The slowbros go in favor of a third
fossil haunter, another psychic energy, and a second gengar. There, now we
have a nice 4-3-2 family. Onto the abra family. Not much of a problem with
the abra and kadabra ratio. The only thing I'm going to touch is the jynx.
Remove it and add in another abra, so we have a rounded 3-2 family. Looks
good so far. Onto the fire types.
We're keeping the char family, so remove the moltrtes you've got in here in
favor of a third charmeleon. Now, remove the eevee and flareon for another
growlithe and arcanine. Now, out with the devolution spray and super potion
for a third arcanine and a forth growlithe. Hmm...looks okay now. 'Cept for
that ditto...oh, well, we'll use him later. Onto the trainers.
Let's've got 2 switch, 1 bill, 1 gust, and 1 energy retrieval
left. Seems simple enough. Take out the gusts for two more energy retrieval
(for those discarding fire attacks) Now, take out the gust and ditto for two
more bills. There. Let's take a look:

14 fire energy
12 psychic energy

4 charmander
3 charmeleon
4 growlithe
3 arcanine
3 abra
2 kadabra
4 gastly (fossil)
3 haunter (fossil)
2 gengar (fossil)

3 energy retrieval
3 bill

SATOSHI: Oh, dear...I see a problem. We've only got six trainers in here!!
No problem. Take out those two gengars and add in two pluspower. Personally,
I think pluspower is a fire pokemon's best friend. Hmmm...still looks wierd.
Oh, well, try it out in games and see what needs changing. Before I sign
off, let me say this: It is lucky that whoever sent this sent it to me. If
it was sent to Spike, I'd probabally be really bad deck #8(or 9?)!!! People,
think before you make a deck. See if it has too many singles. Only send it
to us(the deck mechanics), after you yourself have play tested it. After
that, send it our way, and we'll see what we can do. Later, everyone!