SATOSHI: Hey, it's me again! The shop is open for business! Let's see who
our first customer is:

"Bug Flood Deck" by Keegan

16 grass energy
12 water energy

4 weedle
2 kakuna
1 beedrill
4 caterpie
2 metapod
1 butterfree
3 magikarp
1 gyarados
1 articuno
1 lapras

4 bill
4 potion
1 computer search
1 pokeball
1 defender
1 super potion

SATOSHI: Hmmm...let's get to work. I've got my work cut out for me. Let's do
pokemon first.

The pokemon look fairly solid, but there still a few problems. Since your
deck is called "Bug Flood," I'm guessing you want to keep the bugs in. No
problem. We'll just expand on the family ratios. know, the more I
look at this, the more I think we're gonna have to remove one of the bug
families. I'm gonna remove the butterfree family for now. Now, that opens
seven spaces. Great. Now we have some elbow room. =) I'll start off by
adding one more kakuna and beedrill, making the family ratio 4-3-2. Next,
I'm gonna add in two double colorless energy, so you can power up beedrill
that much quicker. Now we're getting somewhere. With the remianing three
spaces, I'll suggest adding in one more articuno, another gyarados, and one
more lapras. There. Looking better. Onto trainers.
Your trainers need the most work. I'd remove the singles of pokeball,
defender, and super potion. I their places add two pokemon breeder and
another computer search. I'm also gonna remove the potion and add in two
gust of wind, another DCE, and a water energy, making the energy 13-16.  I'm
also going to change the energy from 13 water and 16 grass to 15 water and
14 grass. Now, I'll remove one of each energy to make room for two (you
guessed it) scyther. Hmmm...looks okay, let's see:

14 water energy
13 grass energy

4 weedle
3 kakuna
2 beedrill
2 scyther
3 magikarp
2 gyarados
2 articuno
2 lapras

4 bill
2 gust of wind
2 pokemon breeder
2 computer search

SATOSHI: Hmmm...yep. There ya go! The pokemon breeder and computer search
make it easier to get beedrill out, while the inclusion of the 3 double
colorless help him to power up for twinneedle. the two scyther help to
combat haymakers, and the water families help to cover your fire-weak grass
types. Good work on choosing types, Keegan.=) That's all for this deck! Good
Luck and Happy Gaming!