SATOSHI: I'm back! Heres a great deck that takes advantage of the many great
prmo and fossil cards.

"Prehistoric Devolution" by Yash Shah

20 psychic energy

4 mew
3 promo mewtwo
3 scyther
3 ditto
2 areodactyl

3 bill
3 oak
3 energy removal
3 gust of wind
3 switch
3 mysterious fossil
3 mr. fuji

THE STRATEGY: The strategy is to get areodactyl out as fast as you can. If
your opponent already has pokemon evolved, use mew's devolution beam.

SATOSHI: Man, Yash, you did a great job. THIS DECK SCARES ME!! There are
only a few minor things I can recommend. I would take out a mr. fuji and
professor oak and add in two super energy removals. That would make this
deck something to fear. Good job, Yash Shah!