SATOSHI: Hi, again! welcome back to SATOSHI's Shop! Let's take a look at the

>>Fire Punch!
2 kabuto
2 kabutops
1 hitmonchan
1 scyther
2 eevee
2 flareon
4 ponyta
3 rapidash
1 moltres

14 fighting energy
15 fire energy

4 potion
2 super potion
3 bill
2 energy search
2 mysterious fossil

SATOSHI: Well, let me say that this deck is very well made to start off
with. It shares a resemblence with Scott's Haymaker. Enough chitchat, let's

I don't know about anyone else, but I've never been a fan of the kabuto
family. The person that made this said he wanted stronger pokemon. I'd start
by taking out the kabuto family. With the 4 spaces, add in 2 more scyther
and 2 more hitmonchan. Both of these guys are very cool to play, and are
very quick attackers. Now, as for the ponyta family, you're fine. Godd job
there. =) What I would do, however, is remove the moltres and add in another
eevee. Flareon is very cool when put into action. Onto trainers.

The trainers don't need much work, either. Of course, without the kabuto
family, you don't need the myterious fossil. take both of those out and put
in 2 double colorless energy, to help scyther power up. This deck attacks
very quickly, so I'd take out the super potions. In the place of the super
potions, put in 2 more double colorless energy. Now, energy searches can be
replaced with 2 gusts, but I'd leave the potions in, just in case. I do want
to remove two in favor of a pluspower and third gust, however. So, let's
remove the potion altogether and add in two more pluspower. I'd also take
the fire energy down to 10. With the DCE in there, you won't need as many.
I'll add in a forth pluspower, bill, one more gust, and two professor oaks,
just to escape the occasional hand-o-junk.   Well, let's see how we did:

14 fighting energy
10 fire energy
4 double colorless energy

3 hitmonchan
4 scyther
3 eevee
2 flareon
4 ponyta
3 rapidash

4 pluspower
4 bill
3 gust of wind
2 professor oak

SATOSHI: Well, there ya are. Good 'ol partial haymaker. Hmm...? Hey! Is it
me, or did the original have 62 cards? No biggie, I fixed it some where
along the line. Very nice deck. Good Luck and Happy Gaming!