SATOSHI: Hi, all! Welcome to SATOSHI's Shop!!! Before I begin, let me say
this is a dream come true for me, and I am very happy to be able to help all
you aspiring pokemon trainers out there. Let's see who are first customer

>>I really need help with this deck.

2 rattata
1 raticate
2 pidgey
1 pidgeotto
2 dratini
1 evil dragonair
1 dragonite ( movie promo )
1 doduo
1 dodrio
2 spearow
1 fearow
2 koffing
1 wheezing
2 exeggcute
1 exeggutor
1 pinsir
1 ekans
1 arbok
2 caterpie
1 metapod

2 bill
1 recycle
1 pokeball
1 energy search
1 gambler

9 grass eneregy
3 psychic energy
6 fire energy
5 fighting energy
2 lightning energy
1 double colorless energy

SATOSHI: Hmmm...<takes out old-looking adding machine from behind front
counter> let's see...that's only 59 cards. No probelm, though. we'll fix
that as we go along. Let's begin.

Not to nick-pick or anything, but I really don't see very much direction in
this deck. I see a lot of colorless, though. I gonna need to get to work
right away. Let's start with your pokemon.

Well...lots of colorless. Staring with the Dratini family, I'd take out the
Evil Dragonair. Thje japanese cards look okay, but I really don't know of
any tournaments that allow them. So, he's out. In fact...let's take the
whole family out. This particular family really seems to work better in
Energy Denial decks. Now, that opens four spaces. About that Rattata/cate
family...personally, I think Raticate is a great card ( especially when
paired up with a pokemon with Meditate. Hehe. Super Fang and Meditate are a
deadly combo. ), but I gonna have to take him out. Like i said, there's
really no direction ( that I can see ) in this deck, so let's remove him and
the colorless birds for now. That opens...YIKES!! 15 spaces open now! An,
counting the open space from the beginning, that's 16 spaces. That is a lot
of colorless for any deck. Now, on to the grass types.

Hmmm...Now, we're cooking. Grass can be a very strong type, as it has a
group of pokemon that can rely partially on colorless energy. Koffing can be
a very annoying character, but wheezing, well...not much better. Let's take
that family out and add in 2 more pinsir. While we're at it, let's also add
in everyone's favorite grass dude...SCYTHER!! Add 1 of him in. Now, onto the
egg family. Exeggcute is pretty good, and exeggutor can be DEVASTATING with
some lucky coin flips. So, let's remove the  ekans/arbok family, considering
you only have one of each. with those two spaces, add in one more of
exeggcute and its evolution. As for caterpie and metapod, they're good...but
they could be much better. Change them to 2 weedle and 1 kakuna. In my
opinion, beedrill can mop the floor with butterfree. Now, let's use 5 spaces
from before to add in 2 more weedle, 2 more kakuna, and 2 beedrill. And, how
'bout we add in two more scyther to get things moving in the right
direction? Hmm..nine card slots still open...oh, well, we'll need 'em later.

Now, your energies...I take it the 3 psychic are for the egg family? Those
guys are pretty reliable and really don't need to use their
psyuchic-oriented powers. Let's change those 3 psys nto 3 grass.
I a bit confused as to why you have 6 fire, 5 fighting, and 2 lightning
energy in here. Oh, well. Change the fire and fighting inot grass and the
lightning into two more double colorless energy. Now, let's move on.

Your trainers need the most work. You've got two bill, that's good. I'd add
in one more, though. The recycle seems out of place, so let's trash it. Smae
with eneryg search and gambler, pokeball too. Now, we've got eleven spaces.
'cause of beedrill, I'm gonna suggest adding two pokemon breeder. You don't
wanna have to go through being a cocoon in a tense game, do ya? Nah, didn't
think so. Gusts and switches go great in any deck, so add in 3 gusts and 2
switches. Now, what trainer goes great with Scyther? Pluspower. Add in three
of those. more card....Use it to add in one more double colorless
energy. Let's see what we've got here:

23 grass energy
4 double colorless energy

3 scyther
3 pinsir
3 exeggcute
2 exeggutor
4 weedle
3 kakuna
2 beedrill

3 bill
2 pokemon breeder
3 gust of wind
2 switch
3 pluspower

SATOSHI: YAY!! I did it!! My first deck job!! Wahoo!...oh, sorry. Anyway, I
think this makes this deck loads better. I still concerned about the bacis
pokemon being only 13, but that'll have to be decided in game play. Hope
this helped!!! Good Luck and Happy Gaming!!