<<I would say 9 is too little, but I've seen this kind of deck in
action-it's EXTREMLY hard to beat.>>

7xelec. e.
6xgrass e.
<<Some more energy is needed, I realise the main power house of this deck is
its trainers-but we need enough energy to get attacks off constantly. If
there's alot of E. Denial in your metagame we REALLY need more.>>

4xplus p.
4xe. retrieval
3xcom. search
<<Item Finders would probably work better then Com. Searches here, another
Lass will keep you from decking. The main problem with these decks is I see
them get decked often, all too often. Lass can give you more turns if

the strategy is to oak or bill early and do very fast damage. the chansey is
for stalling while building up another poke and for high hp pokes, when you
need a quick kill. it is very effective, the e. retrievals help a lot, with
9 pokemon 17 energy with 4 retrievals is perfect.im going to a tournament
soon so try to post this soon. thanx a ton i really appreciate it!

Don't get me wrong, Scyther is a great all around fighter but he's not the
fastest pokemon out there. Try out Hitmonchan for size, he's VERY fast and
has a good damage potentail(if you ever need to use it) Electabuzz and
Hitmonchan are the speed dream team so let's take out the 4 Scythers for 4
Hitmonchans. But I think I'd still keep 1 Scyther in there, as to keep those
Aeros off your back and his free retreat is always a good thing, take out
the Chansey for him. I've never personally played with this type of deck,17
Energy may work but I still think it's steep. Take out the 4 SERs(in this
case I think the discarding on your part would be hard) to add 3 Energy and
a Lass. Since you have so many trainers it would probably be good to take
out 2 Com. Searches for 2 more Item Finders, leave one Search in for that
Scyther or Oak you need. Strategy is pretty simple, but this deck has many
game deciding decisions-do your homework. Always think before using that
Item Finder or sending up that 'Buzz this deck can be complicated.

Flat Out-9
Tuned Up-10

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